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October 05 2009

Satyana Denisof flies plane solo, makes emergency landing. Okay, not really. But she didn't upset the other passengers either! Aly reports on her little ball of sunshine's first flight.

Ah, that explains her Twitter comment about no one using the ear plugs! I wasn't sure if it was a comment on Tom Lenk in Rock of Ages. =)
I am commenting before even reading the article..I just looked at the picture, and it's soooo cute! This family is just incredibly pretty!
Aly also Twitted that she was introducing Satyana to the joys of a NYC shopping excursion. LOL
"Not really"? A little misleading to be honest. She didn't fly solo, or make an emergency anything.

Not sure this really belongs on the front page.
Topdeck--it doesn't. I mean, that's nice for them and all, but this belongs nowhere other than one someone's twitter, livejournal, or facebook status. This is not news.
Well I'm glad both of you decided to de-lurk to state your displeasure with this post. (especially with 16 total posts between you)

I'm sure Simon would be happy to discuss this with you offline...feel free to email him at

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