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October 05 2009

10 years ago today - Angel premieres on The WB. It was an amazing show.

Thanks to Nicholas for heads up.

Can't believe it's been 10 years.
I know! And I still miss it loads. Some wonderful talent worked on that show.
Awww. I can't believe I didn't have any friends to tell me how good it was at the time.

(Wait, maybe I just didn't have any friends...)

Probably my favourite show ever. Has had some tough competition since, but... yeah, I think it's still holding on.
Thanks again to Joss, David Greenwalt, Tim Minear, Jeff Bell, David Fury, the cast, the crew and everyone else who was a part of bringing this amazing show to us. I will love it and miss it forever.
I remember being mesmerized by the season 2 arcs and the line "God doesn't love you but I still do" gets me everytime.
I don't care what anyone says, that show hit the ground running and didn't stop for 5 years!

Plus, the best "unfinished" series finale ever, IMO!!!
Hard to believe it's been 10 years.

I still miss it.


God doesn't want you...but I still do. was the best line in the series, I think, Simon.

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God, I'm old.

But not as old as Liam!
Wonderful, wonderful TV.

My faves were "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been", "Spin the Bottle", "Smile Time" and "A Hole in the World".

Honorable mention to the Pee Pee Demon. Those five seasons will last forever. Thanks guys.
I remember LOVING that wonderful Darling Violetta theme song
at the beginning. Rock and roll cello?!! COOL!
Aww I miss my dead vampire show!
I love this show. Even when I don't like it, I still love it.
I watched it all on DVD shortly after it was cancelled. I remember loving the show, but have a hard time picking out individual episodes more-so than I do for Buffy (even when they are named, I don't remember them).

I loved the whole Pylea arc, though, and season 5 was probably the best season once it picked up some steam. I really wish it had gotten a sixth, because the show was truly at the top of its game.
I remember LOVING that wonderful Darling Violetta theme song
at the beginning. Rock and roll cello?!! COOL!

I always have to watch the intro when I come across it while channel serving. And it always cheered me up. I love(d) that show.

Just one more season would have been amazing. But I would always have wanted more, we did get 5 years and it got to end on an incredible high now. So there's no complaining here. (I save that for Firefly.)
I can't empathize with how long its been like most people here, but it is one hell of a show. Consistently good and I'm pretty sure it had every single genre in there at one point.

When I want to get someone into the Buffyverse, I always think to myself it would be much easier to just show them Angel rather than getting them through the first season of Buffy. Angel looks more current than the ol' Year 1997 Buffy. From the get-go, it has more solid episodes.
l miss it. I was glad to be able to see what a great show it was and now and then watch on my dvds.
Ahhh Show. From 'City Of', to 'Not Fade Away', it was one hell of a ride.
Rewatch, my house, tonight!
Love love love this show. Can't believe it's been that long.
I am so there missb. I've actually watched 'City Of' followed by 'Not Fade Away' which is utterly mind blowing but that's my general opinion on the whole Angel experience. I miss it so much and would like to personally thank everyone involved for giving me some of the most entertaining TV I have ever watched, a show that wasn't afraid to grow and change.
And it's exactly forty years to the day when Monty Python first aired!
I was in fourth grade when Angel premiered. I'd been watching Buffy for two years. Every week my brother and I watched both shows, until I finally fell out of the habit sometime in season two. I began watching again mid-season four.

The point of this post is, Angel has been a part of my life for a long time. So thank you, Joss. Angel's epiphany in Epiphany is still one of my favorite moments from a television show.
wow...has it really been 10 years? where'd the time go? still wish the series finale was more closure-y, amazing show w/ a pretty amazing run (although i wasn't into some of season 4...*ducks and covers*). thanks for giving us one heck of a sexy brooding vampire detective, joss! hehe.
Angel was probably my favorite show when it was on the air. I still watch the DVDs every now and again. Great show from start to finish.
I have to admit, I still have not finished Angel. A small voice inside keeps telling me it will finally be over. No more Buffyverse.
Wow, I can't believe it's been 10 years. That's crazy.
I got the whole show on DVD yesterday to celebrate. I don't think there's any other show I miss as much as this and "Buffy".
What a fantastic, dark, complex, unpredictable series. It is sorely missed.
Wow, time flies (and man I feel old, when Angel premiered I was like, 16)! Thank goodness for all my DVD's! :)
loved season 2,3,4.. season 1 and 5 were hit and miss for me.

However, the season finale was brilliant (and not a cliff hanger in mine and Joss's opinion)
Ah, the show that made me fall in love with Summer Glau and discover the joys of Giselle ^_^ I still want to see that ballet that Joss has planned for her! Ok, so maybe I'm a little different?

Also, the most epic theme song ever, and one I play often to make my friends geek out! I still haven't seen all of season 5 though. Haven't had time yet, but I will over Thanksgiving!
Sad, when this show ended the buffy-verse ended.
I still miss AtS. :( One of the greatest shows ever.
I still catch the TNT reruns when I can. This show was cut off in its prime, and it's the only show for which I got seriously emotional and depressed when I checked this site and found out the bad news. Although I didn't know about the show when it began, I loved it by its end. Hard to believe so much time has passed.

Happy Birthday, Angel.
10 years - it seems like only yesterday I was heartbroken at the cancellation. I still miss it - more than any other show. Angel, my dear boy.

Missb What time are we starting??
TNT reruns just finished the season 2 Darla arc, still my favorite. Julie Benz was just awesome throughout, and she and Juliet Landau in both Reunion and Reprise, were so amazing together.

I have the entire DVD set but on insomniac nights, I've been known to fall asleep on the couch to reruns. (Hawaii time, reruns are midnight and 1 AM).
Can't believe it has been ten years either, my favorite TV show of all time.

I was heartbroken at the cancellation too, but it had a successful run.

I think I'll go watch my DVDs now.
I miss that show. :(
TV is significantly emptier, even in the presence of Dollhouse, without some down right broody nihilistic never-ending-redemption story archs!
Angel, from early Buffy, to hit and miss comic form, is the only tortured vampire that ever really suffered; he never got the girl, he never finished the fight and he got cancelled way too soon. He really is a tragic hero!
Here's to TV with depth and strength of character, we miss you!
They're showing an episode of Angel before Buffy on Sci-fi UK. I relish those two hours of every day! Today it's 'That Vision Thing' and 'The Harvest'.

I miss Angel so much! I miss watching that sexy, brooding tortured vampire with a soul help the helpless with the aid of the AI team and his favourite broadsword! And I've always wanted to take up the cello just so I can play the opening theme!

And I still don't have the DVDs!!!! :(

I'll never forgive WB for cancelling it.

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