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October 05 2009

GeekSix gives a primer on starting your own Serenity RPG. GeekSix Josh, the guy who gave Browncoats an online depot for RPG resources, gives his tips on a running a successful campaign in the 'Verse.

Hey, that's me! I really appreciate the nod be sure to let me know what else I can do to help.

As any discerning hobbyist webfan can tell, the site is a bit... stale these days. The good news is that my new staging ground is set up at It's not done yet, but I'm chipping away at it. I have a really great Travel Times companion piece that's made to go with the Quantum Mechanix verse map (even got their permission to release it) that'll be up soon, as well as some great plot hooks.

She may not look like much, but she'll fool you there's a real content management system in place, allowing me to update the site a lot easier (versus the old site, which took a site-wide export, a signed Congressional order and some magic beans).

Anyway, thanks for the mention I can tell you this: the 'verse is alive, well and thrumming at least once every other week for a few hours on Monday nights. : )

Don't be a stranger,
Since I'm supposed to be starting a Serenity RPG campaign on Friday, this is very timely!
Since I'm supposed to be starting a Serenity RPG campaign on Friday, this is very timely!

If there's anything special you need, don't hesitate to ask the temporary new test site has some great ship data, as well as weapon cards. It's a bit premature, and the equivalent of having a housewarming party using paper cups and upended boxes for seats, but mine what you will from it. : )
Nice reading. The quantum fluctuations seem a bit too fantastical, but that would be my only quibble. (And I ran a game with a sentient android PC, so who am I to talk?)

The new site looks good too.

Oh, and do you know about Steve Darlington's plot hooks for thirty-four Firefly episodes based on Elton John song titles? I could plug my own more recent homage on RPGnet using punk song titles too, but that's definitely self-promotion.
Well, if it's self-promotion for you, I'll post a link to it, because it is pretty awesome.
Craig I ran across those plot hooks awhile back they're fantastic! I'm not exactly an Elton John nut, but the hooks and story ideas stand up even without the Piano Man framework....

And, yeah, the quantum business is potentially far-fetched, but I only had a few minutes to pound it out, and it was the first thing that came to mind. What do you expect for a noon-hour post that was really only intended as an answer to one readers' question? : )

Thanks for reading,
Josh (@joshgeeksix on Twitter)
Much obliged, kishi. :D

And Josh, I hope your post was appreciated by that one person. It has been by others, let me assure you.

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