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October 06 2009

(SPOILER) Synopsis for the fourth episode of Dollhouse season 2. 'Belonging' sure does sound intriguing.

This looks like the "Man on the Street" of Season 2. The one episode that got everyone excited.
Might be worth putting an online spin on it then.
Excellent. Been waiting for a Sierra-centric episode.
Here's hoping we actually get to see it =\

Matthew Harding rings a bell too... do we know what sort of character Keith Carradine is playing yet?
Matthew Harding rings a bell too... do we know what sort of character Keith Carradine is playing yet?

We know so far that .
Matthew Harding rings a bell too...

Are you a football (soccer) fan MattManic7325 ? Matthew Harding rings bells for me cos he was a businessman and vice-chairman of Chelsea FC in the English Premier league (he died in a helicopter crash about 10 years back). Pure coincidence i'd imagine (if it were Alexis Denisof playing him then maybe not since he's reportedly a fan of a London club and lived in the UK in the 90s IIRC).

(googling reveals the "Where the hell is Matt ?" internet phenom of a guy dancing in front of various world landmarks, he's also called Matthew Harding)

And Sierra's past is one of the ones that interests me most just because she seems to be the only clear-cut non-consensual active.
I watched the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video about fifteen minutes before I posted here - that would explain it =D

It's going to be great to get some background info on Sierra too - here's hoping for the same for Victor soon. Backstory gives character which will hopefully address those annoying complaints about Dollhouse not feeling like a "family".
It'd be nice if FOX sent out a screener of this episode seeing as how the buzz is so great for it.

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