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October 06 2009

Topher Joins Twitter! Fran Kranz is now among the ranks of Twitter as Miracle Laurie confirms to us in her own tweet right here!

This morning (which is around midnight USA time) when I added him he had 799 followers. I guess Whedonesque just doubled it :) Cool :)
Well, Whedonesque plus all the other people who saw Miracle's tweet.

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Heh, someone else to make a fool of myself about.. (I have such a crush on him, it will not take long..)
Dance of Joy!!!! Who's with me?! Anyone? Anyone?

(Jo, my fellow NPH fangirl, I understand. Completely. You know I do! ;)
If Dollhouse ends, I'll miss the portrayal of Topher the most, because it is so rare that an adult geek is portrayed as someone with depth. Usually they're just inexplicably cheery. But Topher has layers -- more layers than just his sweater vest.

Hopefully Fran will be just as good in something else, but I'll miss the Toph.

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