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October 06 2009

(SPOILER) Comics Continuum has a preview of Angel #26 with an extra page. 6 page preview of tomorrow's issue. For those that haven't seen another vamp with a soul in too long.

Hee, can't wait!
Great and hilarious so far, and I love the art.
Also appreciate Star Trek reference and Mr.Spock guy being in the audience - and was it a dig about ST movie and Countdown comics? :)
*snicker* "I really do not."

I'm glad all of the attention isn't going to his head.
Poor Angel. *g*

Can't wait for this.
Who is the actress playng Spike? Cage was an inspired choice for Angel btw.
As far as I know Simon the only two 'actors' based on real people are Nicholas Cage and Jorge Garcia. The rest Mooney just made up. From the cover I thought it was Angelina about Elizabeth Banks:)

And Cage is the perfect 'wrong' choice for Angel. And you sooo know he would want to do it!

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