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October 06 2009

A chat with 'The Guild' creator/star Felicia Day. PopCandy talks with Felicia about this season of The Guild, the Emmys, plus the influence of Dr. Horrible.

Amusing insight into post-Emmy winning activity: "Nathan, Neil (Patrick Harris), me and Joss ... we just went and had sushi."

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You're meeting so many people, and I feel a personal obligation to really connect with every single person. I know so many people who sign stuff and don't look up, and I'm not gonna do that.

She's a sweetheart for sure. The most approachable I've met, so it's much appreciated.

I'd love to follow whatever new projects she manages to find time to do. Sincerity and a good attitude go a long way. As does awesomeness.
Agreed hacksaway, her awesomeness is only matched by her girl-next-door-approachability.

I'm excited to read her foray into comics...and hey, now that she's officially a "comic person", I can have her sign my comic sketchbook and it wont be cheating. (But she's never coming to Chicago so my plans are thwarted again.)

The world feels like a better place when good things happen to my BDH's.

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