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October 06 2009

Jenna Busch interviews Nathan Fillion at HuffPost. Along with co-star Stana Katic, he talks Castle, Dr. Horrible sequelage, and when to look for that Firefly Easter Egg.

Wow, for a minute I was thinking Jenna Bush (no "c") which would just be bizarre...
Yeah, this must be one of the more unfortunate names to possess nowadays.
I might pronounce it "Buscckhh" if it were my name (that's a terrible attempt at rendering a pronunciation in text but I mean like the 'ch' in 'Loch'. In a Scottish accent. That's not really much better is it ?).

Nice interview, they seem easy in each other's company which is exactly what you'd expect given their onscreen chemistry. And after me moaning about the mysteries on 'Castle' the second episode procedural element was a doozy. Keep that up and it'll become one of my top "pure fun" shows.
Honestly I was hoping it was; it would show at least some people can still be civilized about their political differences. Sigh, buried with Senator Ted, I guess.

That said, I found it very informative, considering I'm not overly familair with any of the 3 main shows mentioned
Not really sure what your first paragraph is saying but does the second mean have you've not seen 'Firefly' DaddyCatALSO ? Treat yourself, truly great TV IMO.

(Doctor Horrible is also well worth a look and if you like procedurals you could do worse than 'Castle' but if I could only pick one out of the three it'd be 'Firefly' every day of the week and twice on Sunday)
DaddyCatALSO, have you been living in a cave?lol Rent the DVDs for these shows(buying is better you can watch over and over)they are great fun. Firefly is classic.

I am also at a loss over your first paragraph!!

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