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October 06 2009

Eliza wants your questions! MTV and EW's Pop Candy will be interviewing Eliza tomorrow and they want you to send in some questions.

Sorry, cannot ask from Spain :( Anyway here's my question for if anyone wants to set it up _ would you like better to explore Echo/Caroline as a character or you actually enjoy present 'imprint-of-the-week' routine?
Thanks bix. Added it to the post.
Where else will you find her? Letterman tonight, Good Day NY tomorrow morning, Fallon tomorrow night. EXTRA this Friday. Sounds like the other stuff (AP,, MTV News, USA Today) probably hits Friday itself.

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Disappointed with the Letterman interview. Dollhouse got buried beneath a rehash of Eliza's hunting stories and overall it was just an off vibe. I know the ratings are up on Letterman at the moment, but I wish she'd been on Conan instead they click a heck of a lot better.
Yeah, I'm not seeing anything but downer reactions to it on Twitter. (1) The hunting thing was already old six months ago and (2) last night the Glee girl got to talk Broadway and Glee, but tonight Eliza only gets to talk about that stupid hunting issue?
Yeah, I'm not sure why the topics brought up were so old, including even getting her to rehash where she grew up, how she got into the business and all that, stuff we've heard a hundred times. Not Eliza's fault though, I'm sure she would have loved to talk more about Dollhouse, or anything else really. You could tell she was uncomfortable talking about the hunting thing but Dave wouldn't move on to another topic.
"We're still on this?" indeed.

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