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October 06 2009

(SPOILER) Plot info and cover art for Buffy #31. This Joss penned tale will be out in January.

I hope that doesn't mean Retreat ends in a Deus ex Willow.

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I love Georges Jeanty's Roy Lichtensteinesque cover.
Love the Lichtenstein-esque cover. Jo Chen's cover reminds me of James Jean's cover to Fables #43, with the Geenie arising from the lamp (similar hands, composition, and coloring). Very spoilery for the ending of the arc. That's a bummer.
Ha, silvius, how we use the same non-word, moments apart. I guess based on the name of this website, it's not particularly peculiar.
Wow, that's massive spoilers. I guess I shouldn't have clicked really.
Hmm, the variant cover certainly suggests that the Buffster is not happy about the Xander/Dawn Smoochage. The Jo Chen cover is beautifully creepy.
This is one of those rare occasions where I prefer the Jeanty cover.
Did we know Joss was writing this? Does this mean he's writing the whole arc? I thought 31-35 would be Brad Meltzer, and then Joss would close out the season. Anyone know what the deal is?
It was announced a few weeks ago that Joss would pen 31, followed by an arc by Meltzer (32-35).
Ah, I missed that one. Thanks!
Looks good and the write up gives clues to how "Retreat" ends.Actaully,after the end of last issue(#28),I don't think the Jeanty cover is actually that spoilerish.
Wow, the spoilers were a little more spoilery than I expected. If you haven't read it yet, it's a little too detailed for MY taste.
Spoiler alert level orange.
That looks and reds like we will finally get some action. Yeah, action.
And here I thought the scope of Season Eight was going to stop being crazywhatisgoingon big and focus in on the little moments. I reealllly hope Joss knocks this one-shot out of the park with this one-shot like he did #10 and #11, because Tibetan goddesses? I don't know.
40 pages... nice.
Dark Horse always advertises as 40 pages, including ads.
Also, did anyone notice that the Retreat TPB is out at the same time? That's quite a decrease in time since the arc finishes and the TPB gets released.
I like both covers, but I really shouldn't of read the plot info. It sounds like the action will continue on even through to issue 31? I figured the next two issues would be the fighting, and then issue 31 would move on to something different. And with the break in Dec. (other than the Willow side story), it's going to be awhile.

Also, anyone get the Bones season 4 dvd yet? There was supposed to be a preview of a Buffy animated project on it, but I've heard it's not on there now. Anyone know what's going on with that?

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I've heard from a few people that the Bones Season 4 DVD doesn't have the Buffy animated project trailer on it.

Love Jeanty's cover here. The description for this issue is massive spoilers, though, most have guessed that the Tibetan gods would come into play here.

If this were the finale, then I'd criticize Deus Ex Willow, except it's clearly not a fix-it-all and it goes horribly wrong. That seems more like 'relying on magic comes back to bite you' here. Deus Ex Machina solves problems. Willow calling on the Tibetan Gods is more like Mal leading the Reavers into the storm cloud to fight the Alliance so they can get through to send out the signal.

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Thanks Emmie. That's disappointing. I'm not expecting much from the animated project, but I'm curious to see it. I'm sorry for being off topic on this, but there's a Seth Green freak out video going around, and I was wondering if it's fake. He doesn't seem the type to lose it and I was thinking Green may be parodying other celebs like Bale.

Only a week or so between the Willow one shot and Issue 31?

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We'll see, maybe this time something's going to happen.
The Chen Cover is very pretty as usual, the Jeanty cover looks more like an Archie comic than a Lichtenstein to me.

I hope it has a second meaning by then and doesn't imply that by #31 Buffy is still mulling over the same issues she had at the end of #28.
Changeling: Here's a Lichtenstein pic that Jeanty probably modeled his Buffy pose after:
I got an Archie vibe from that cover, too.
Wow, that is super-spoilery--moreso than I was expecting to!

I'm not a fan of the Lichtenstein-style, so thumbs down on the Brenda Starr-looking cover from me. But Jeanty's is beautiful as ever, and man that thing would be very scary to be facing! Willow does well to cringe.
I know this is really late, but I just finished issue 30 and had to say I think this issue will mark the revelation that Buffy has returned to being the lone slayer as was meant to be.

The girls would be given a chance to be normal girls again. Personally, I'm worried Willow will absorb the Earth goddess' powers and send them back into the Earth.

Also, the cover was not by Jeanty. Rather, it was by Jo Chen.

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