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October 07 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel #26. It's written by Brian Lynch, with artwork by Stephen Mooney. The story looks like it could be a classic.

Wish I could get this today - but alas, it will be tomorrow before I can get my hands on this:( Havn't looked forward to an Angel comic like this in a long time - the idea for the story is pure genius!
The final issue of Fallen Angel Reborn (#4) featuring Illyria is also out this week.
as is the TPB of the 'Not Fade Away' adaptation:)
Can't wait for this one! Hopefully I'll be able to will it here soon.
I'm pretty excited about this. It occurred to me that this is Angel's "first" adventure for me in the "real" world, not in the, as Kr'ph said, "hell moment". Oddly, it's also Angel's last adventure for me. Come see my first/last ANGEL IN THE REAL WORLD adventure!
Ouch, no more Brian Lynch Angel comics.
You'll be back Lynch.....:) You know you cant stay away too long. Plus I'm sure Angel will make an appearance in the Spike comic and vice versa so you're not leaving the Angelverse really!
Angel will pop up in SPIKE, yes. But yeah, this is my last ANGEL adventure. There are whole new worlds to discover! Worlds with proton packs, or monkeys, or Westerberg!
Well you'll be sorely missed!It's been a great run...maybe you'll be persuaded to contribute to Angel again someday:)
HA! Joe Swedon is my master now. Hilarious.
BRIAN, the "canon" bit was maybe the funniest thing you've ever written.
I really enjoyed this issue. Once again, Brian proves he has Spike's voice down pat.

However, this is some of Mooney's worst art. I'm always ragging on Greg Land's work on Uncanny X-Men (he traces people and then draws everything else poorly). Compared to this, Land's work should be framed. Sure, all of his faces work fine, but he's just tracing. Everything else looks like garbage.
Fun issue. Mr.s. Lynch and Moony. I love how you play with the meta.
I got my copy yesterday but didn't have a chance to comment until this morning.

Fun issue.It's basically a sequel to the Buffy episode,"Halloween" much like,"Spike:Shadow Puppets" was a sequel to,"Smile Time".

It was great to see Jeremy again and to have him finally meet Angel.I hope Jeremy is a regular supporting character in the Spike monthly.He has great chemistry with Spike and Angel too for that matter.I wouldn't mind him popping into Angel's book on occasion too but he would be a great regular for the Spike monthly.

Loved Groo in the issue.

The Angel/Spike interplay was perfect and confirmation that Spike does think of Angel as a big brother.Of course Spike tries to cover up Jeremy's blab with a perfect Spike quote.

Plus nice setup I presume for Spike's own book with his worries about being destiny free and having a blank slate.I assume that will be a big part of the Spike monthly?

The demons dressed as Teddy Bears was pretty funny and I would of killed to see that in live action.

We get a Xander reference,a Andrew reference and a Buffy reference.I wonder if next issue,we'll get a Ethan or Sunnydale reference since Angel should recognize what's going on here?He saw it first hand with Buffy and her friends.

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Another permanent monthly? I think I'll have to pass.
I desperately want you to pass, DaddyCat. I don't want to cause you any undo misery.
Yeah, this feels like a welcome change. The Dru two-parter was utterly forgettable, the Aftermath arc was problematic, and AtF itself still feels the worse for too many characters being trotted out.

Only Human and this arc look promising. Here, we have Angel, Spike, and Groo, with a cameo by Connor. That feels about right, where we can get into the relevant players in one issue.
Yeah, this was just meant to be a fun team-up story. I love that it follows the very downbeat DRUSILLA story, it's like a sorbet, with vampires.
Anyone know if these, along with the Epilogue and the Drusilla arc will be collected into a hard cover?
I think the Epilogue, Dru and this two-parter, are, yeah. The annual might only be available as an annual, so if you want it, you best represent and ask your local store!
I also thought this issue was a nice breather from this week's issue of Buffy which was a heavy issue.

I know it just worked out Angel #26 and Buffy #29 both came out yesterday but it was sort of like when the shows were on air and we would have a light episode of Buffy paired with a heavy episode of Angel or vice versa.Which was nice this week.
This was the most entertaining comic I've read in a while. Brian, I think you write for Groo even better than you write for Spike.
Brian, just want to say...Thank you. So much. I haven't read a comic with such unalloyed pleasure in a long time. I can hear James' and Mark's voices giving Spike's and Groo's lines.

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Brian, that was hilarious! Great job!
I was laughing out loud when reading. You've really grasped each character's voice. And I love Groo in this!

[ edited by Shep on 2009-10-09 17:32 ]
Okay, in the movie within the comic, I think I recognized two of the actors, but I can't figure out if the woman playing Spike is supposed to be someone famous.
It's not supposed to be anyone famous.
Thanks, Brian! I loved the issue and I can't wait for my husband to read it so we can discuss it.
We will miss the HELL out of you in Angel, Brian. Look forward to your Spike though.
Just picked up the issue today. I can't think of a time in recent memory that I've been so satisfied with a comic. I know Brian gets praised for how he writes Spike (and rightly so), but Angel was just superb this issue. It's a shame that this relationship is coming to a close.

It was cool to see Jerry- uh Jeremy again. The guy seems a bit different when he's not fighting for his soon to be ended life in Hell-A. Obviously grooming him for SPIKE. Good. Blondie Bear needs a fan. He did kind of remind me of the long lost David Nabbit.

Ah, again there was so much I liked about this issue but I'll refrain from gushing. After this post I'm gonna read it again. Can't wait for Part 2.
Absolutely hilarious. Best issue since the conclusion of 'After the Fall'. Perfect dialogue, great art (so happy to actually see Angel again and not the Asian/Hulk/weird Angel of Aftermath) and enough geek joy to satisfy:)

I'm sure Willingham will do a great job taking up the mantle...but I gotta say - we are gonna lose the Xfactor that Brian brings to the stories. Cant thank him enough for his work these last 2 years. Made this Angel fan very happy!
Brian Lynch is made of awesome! I love this premise, I love the return of Jeremy/Jerry, and I alway love Spike and Angel together (and now they are REALLY together). I was very late getting my comics, but better late than never.
*finally read the issue* LOVED IT! I was laughing so loud at times, and other times I had to reread the line because I could almost hear the actors speak them.

Yay, Jer is back! Although, I would not have known it was him if Spike hadn't told Angel his 'name'.

*pout* I had a tiny slashy hope that Angel would turn into Fem-Spike and there be a smooch. Although. That wouldn't be slash, would it?

*glomps on the word 'officially'* I take fan-service when I can get it ;)

Great writing Brian! Cannot wait to read what comes next! :D

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