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October 07 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku on Good Day NY. So, the interviewer was shocked to find that the season had already premiered. Yeah. Spoiler tagged for clip of this Friday's episode of Dollhouse.

This interview felt kind of awkward. Not sure what that was about.
Yeah, the interviewer seemed to jump topics randomly, instead of each question following logically from what came before. Not to mention having some of her info wrong--which maybe wasn't her fault, but *someone* should have done the (very basic) research.

Also liked her comment about "Buffy the Vampire" (though to be fair she said the full name earlier, so I guess that's a case of bad abbreviation rather than lack of knowledge).
Between Letterman not letting her talk about Dollhouse (it was ALL HUNTING ALL THE TIME) and this FOX local not knowing the show had premiered, I wonder if FOX has noticed yet that there's something wrong with how they've been promoting the show.
I love the "Belle Chose" clip.
I always feel bad for Eliza in these interviews. She's so much more informed than them, and she never gets a real chance to explain it. She should have done Fallon with Felicia. That would've been amazing.

Also, I find it funny how the word show can NEVER be without the word Hit. Hitshow. One word.
Edit: My bad someone just RT it.

Oops, should I have spoiler tagged for the clip? I forgot about it.

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Geez... that was fail.

*feels bad for Eliza*
FBC just tweeted that Eliza will be on Letterman tonite

No, they tweeted that last night, after three timezones had already seen it.

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yea, i just edited that. Someone RT it like 4 mins. ago.
Um, perhaps throw a spoiler tag on this one? The show clip gives away a tiny little plot point, I think: (I'd heard about that previously, so I'm not bothered by it.)

I did laugh at her "WHAT?" in that clip, though.

Yeah, the Letterman thing...I saw a promo last night that was all "David interviews PAUL SHAFFER about his new book! ... Also, side note: Eliza Dushku drops in."
Wow, there are at least two big spoilers for plot points on this Friday's episode. Kind of wish I hadn't watched the clip (for that reason, and the others mentioned above).
Sorry, that was my fault.
Also on timezones thing: why does the Dollhouse Facebook page put up a reminder at 9pm EST letting the Central and West Coast know to tune in? Wouldn't it also be good to, maybe, do something for the East Coast folks as well? And perhaps earlier in the day?
The One True b!X: ...I wonder if FOX has noticed yet that there's something wrong with how they've been promoting the show."

:headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:

MUCHO-TV-WATCHING FRIEND to me (yesterday): "Hey, so when does your Dollhouse-show premiere? I was thinking about maybe giving that a try this season."

:headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk: :headdesk:

To be fair Fox tweeted about it just in time for those in located in the PDT zone to catch the Letterman episode, thus only missing Eastern, Central and Mountain timezones, so... there's that. Thing.

In the words of the late, great Mystery Science Theater: "They just didn't care."

(I, too, always feel bad for Eliza on stuff like this - for many obvious reasons, up to and including "gorgie"? "Gorgie"!!??!! Really? Really?!)
In the words of the late, great Mystery Science Theater: "They just didn't care."

Such an awesome show.
'hit show' Dollhouse made me smile.
Her and her boyfriend seems pretty peeved that they talked about it on camera.
I'd be upset about this except SNL spoofed Fox 5 News in New York a few years ago, and I was told the joke pretty much described what kind of a station it is.
Still, Fox 40 where I live would know what shows it was airing aside from Idol and House

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Yes, NathanG! That moment was hideously awkward!!
I find these interviews so awkward. I literally could not watch after the interviewer said "premieres this Friday," and Eliza went "Um..." It was just too painful.

There was an interview/performance on this same program last year with The Walkmen, one of my favorite bands, that was maybe even more awkward than this. And that's saying something.
Wow, you have a good body. How does your boyfriend feel about your having a good body? Let's show and identify him, since that is clearly helpful in promoting the show - pretty much on par with everything else out of my mouth.... And then the charming male anchor who will wipe the drool from his chin once they cut to break. Someone has issues with this marketing by Fox - can't see why!
That was PAINFUL. It was a train wreck. It's the kind of situation where you want to look away but for some reason you can't. I was pretty much grimacing through the entire thing.

I feel like I need to take a shower.
The interviewer was absolutely terrible. Ill-informed, no coherent chain of questioning and constantly jumping in on Eliza's comments.
But I'd like to thank her, as I will LOL forever over "Buffy the Vampire".
I was wondering if anyone would mention that.
Wow, that was HILARIOUS. Especially the female anchor at the end admonishing the drooling male anchor.

"Oh, look at you. Her boyfriend's right here!"

Poor Eliza. She always handles these people with such grace and dignity though.
Between Letterman not letting her talk about Dollhouse (it was ALL HUNTING ALL THE TIME)

Dave did the same thing to NPH. NPH had been on the cover of some CBS company magazine or something, and Dave had never been asked to be in it, and he was annoyed by that. The entire time he just kept bringing the conversation back to that, to the point that it got awkward. In fact I can't remember what else they talked about, if anything.

I will say one thing about Eliza though: of all the Whedon alums, she's the best talk show guest I can think of. She can roll with pretty much anything.
This is OT, but the Jimmy Fallon interview was FANTASTIC.
Was that woman high? I cringed so many times. And not from her lack of interviewing skills/correct information. She was soooo awkward. Poor Eliza.

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