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October 07 2009

(SPOILER) Bill Willlingham on his new Angel arc "Immortality for Dummies". It's a very indepth interview with the Fables creator. So if you enjoy reading IDW's Angelverse comics, it's well worth reading.

Thats is a frickin hilarious title:) I really like the sound of this. The Angel part is of course similar to 'Eternity' but on a much bigger scale. Hope he gets out of that factory sooner rather than later.

Glad that he will be exploring the relationship between Gunn and the gang now that he's back from his adventure in Texas. And good to see Connor continuing his stepping up and being proactive within the gang, and becoming what Angel always wanted him to be.

It's a big cast though, so will be interesting to see how they are all juggled. Not literally of course. Although that would be funny.
Ooooh loved this! This is probably the post series comic book I'm most excited about in the Whedonverse!
I liked this quote from the interview:

"[Brian Denham] doesnít do that thing where youíre working from publicity photos, where thereís this very cartoony style, and then thereís this very well-rendered, real personís head stuck on these bodies. Thatís always a story-disengagement problem when you have it."

That sums up very nicely the issue I had with much of the artwork in the middle of A:ATF.

Come to think of it, I agreed with pretty much everything that Mr. Willingham discussed in this article, especially his rationale for his approach to the characters. I just may have to check out this arc.
Hmm,there are some good ideas being planned but some things don't add up to me.

There is another souled vampire who would also work,Spike.Why don't they go after Spike as well since he was just as big a known player in saving L.A.

Of course from the episode ",Why We Fight" we know being turned by a souled vampire means diddly.But Immortality Incorporated probably don't know that.

And I don't buy Team Angel would think Angel disappeared because he ran off with some girl.That doesn't make sense to me It's not in character for Angel,IMO.And I don't buy Team Angel would buy that.
INteresting how Joss is not overseeing this anymore. Definitely source of a lot of canon/non-canon debate.
Or......we could just let the whole 'canon/non-canon debate' die the death it deserves and let the people who enjoy the stories just enjoy them without having to qualify it?
Is there really much of a debate? Joss hasn't been involved with Angel for a while now, nor was he involved with any of the Angel comics before After the Fall. (Oh, except for Long Night's Journey.) But the only thing that should really matter is whether or not you enjoy the story. Bill Willingham is a well-known, well-respected comics author, so I'm really interested to see what he'll with Angel.

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