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October 07 2009

(SPOILER) L.A. Times interview with Tahmoh Penikett. Tahmoh talks about working on Dollhouse and shares his thoughts on playing Paul Ballard. Some light spoilers.

Looks like Fox may be working on getting more publicity for Dollhouse. I've noticed a somewhat greater amount of stories, photos, and blurbs popping up on the L.A. Times site, especially on the main page, compared to other low rated shows.
What's interesting to me is that when you watch the original pilot, that tone, I think the show has really found its way. ... When Joss Whedon called me and told me about Paul Ballard, he originally said that Paul wasn't [going to be] the stereotypical investigator, the reporter, that's constantly just missing the information or the real person. ... He didn't want that to be the case with Paul. He wanted him to use the technlogy early on.

Is this one of the first hints about what would have been different in S1, if "Echo" would have remained the pilot?

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