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October 07 2009

Low ratings put "Dollhouse" in danger of going to the attic forever. Can fan efforts save it?

No new news here, but it's nice to see links to and hulu. Also, there are pretty pictures.

Can I declare a moratorium on attic references for these kinds of articles? Please?


But we know that going to the attic isn't permanent, don't we ;)

At least the vast majority of the comments were positive. Lots of support there!
Azzers, you mean, send the attic references to the attic?
Yes, if the show does get sent to the attic I can only hope it will come back, gloat, and shoot at bottles of alcohol (but not the vodka, thank God).
"Instincts" was Soooooo good though!
Don't mean to be rude or offend anybody... but the new should REALLY be the campaign site in the spotlight. It has such a beautiful design and just hits all the elements to actually attract potential viewers. All efforts are certainly appreciated... but strategically, most just don't execute it as perfectly.
Fuck that shit. Joss just won an Emmy. There are at least 9 or 10 more episodes. The story arcs usually peak 1/2 to 2/3 of the way in. Fox know they fucked up before. It plays on Friday. Dvd (I fuck wit blu-ray) sales will be dope. Dollhouse is good. Ep 13 made folks say damn this show has potential. Im drunk and tired of the pessimism of Dollhouse's fate. I just....... JOSSSSS, BRING IT!!!! and Bring it strong! Please.
Butler, not that I actually care about cursing in r/l... but I think you might want to tone down the language on the board. I've seen people warned for far less. Although noting the drunk line, it all makes sense.

Actually will, the attic references to the attic made me smile.
I like this link. Not because it bears good news, but because the poster has done her research, and because the people commenting on the post offer some of the most unequivocally good reactions to the show I've heard from anyone, including from those here. You'd think feminists liked Joss or something.
This has not been a good week for me: I went to the dentist on Monday and got bad news, and then I learn that the show is close to being canceled.

I've been running the show on hulu in the background at work and even am contemplating sending some emails and postcards to FBC directly. The thing I really like about this article is that it points out the great thing about Chuck's successful fan effort: targeting Subway and really making a noise in the larger tv community. If the show, after this Friday's airing, really is in danger of getting canceled or put on hiatus, we fans need something eye-catching like that.

I didn't buy a Subway sandwich for Chuck (hate the chain more than I like the show), but I'd totally do something like that for Dollhouse.
Yes it would be appreciated if people didn't swear when they comment, it detracts from the conversation. I'll not be so jovial about the matter the next time round.
Free speech please, as long as posters are not cursing at each other let people post as they please. This is 2009 people talk/write the way they do puritanism is so 20th century(and earler).
As per the rules of the site --

"The admins' word is law. Board rules, policy and implementation will not be discussed on site. Please do not argue with the admins. If you have complaints, e-mail us."

So ner.
Sadly I don't think it would be undeserved. There was all this talk about with the renewal how they were going to go for it with season 2, and honestly the first two episodes on the whole haven't done much for me. And knowing the future of these characters really takes away that anything can happen, whedon edge.

I dunno.
Grawlix people, it's all about the @$#%!?!ing grawlix.

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Season 1 ep 1-5 were not good, in fact they were so bad I am not going to buy the DVD until I can find a used one much cheaper. The rest of season 1 and so far S2 have been very good and I expect it to just get better. So sorry to see Amy leaving, she was the ray of sunshine, at least to me. Awesome actress and too bad it was not her Joss was having lunch with when the DH idea came up.
Don't mean to be rude or offend anybody... but the new should REALLY be the campaign site in the spotlight. It has such a beautiful design and just hits all the elements to actually attract potential viewers. All efforts are certainly appreciated... but strategically, most just don't execute it as perfectly.

I think these two sites serve very different purposes. Why I Watch is an excellent place to point potential new viewers to get them acquainted with the show. Activate Dollhouse is a resource for current viewers to find out what they can do to help. So it makes sense that if you expect you're talking to existing fans, you'd point them to Activate Dollhouse. I think it'd be wisest to get both sites and their distinct purposes mentioned everywhere we can.
The show is just two episodes into its second season, but already talk has begun of possible early cancellation due to disappointingly low ratings.

To be fair, talk about cancellation began among certain fans many moons prior to S1E1 :).
I will remain optimistic about the show. Besides, it's still early in the season. I just hope it doesn't end up like tru calling, not given a chance to prove its potential.
The ratings for Instinct were rather abysmal. Honestly, I don't think I'm going to stress too much about this one. I'm pretty sure that, at the very least, they will get to finish their 13 episode order. Hopefully, they will all air, but even if they don't, I'd pick up the DVDs.

I don't think that the ratings are entirely attributable to outside forces. Dollhouse has had and still seems to have some issue. With that said, I hope that the show is profitable enough right now that Fox can actually keep it going. I want more Joss Whedon TV. But honestly, I am just happy it was given a second season.
Same state of mind, let it at least finish the ongoing production /pray
I think Doctor Horrible must be responsible for making Brothers the lead in show. What an evil and idiotic pairing! I'm sure that has a little something to do with it.
Never heard of before, but yes, so pretty! (and one of the only times I didn't turn the music off on a website.)
Production is going to finish on at least 13 eps for a variety of reasons I won't get into on here.

FYI, as soon as WhyIWatch appeared I started talking to the person behind it. We'll almost certainly join the efforts up or connect them in some way.
Production is going to finish on at least 13 eps for a variety of reasons I won't get into on here.

I still very much appreciate the sound of that sentence.
After stressing and worrying after each and every episode last season I've decided to just try and enjoy the show this season and not worry too much. I am at least hoping if it does get canceled we get a full dvd set out of it & with Gossi's comment I am more than hopeful that will happen.
I'm fixating on the "at least" part of gossi's post. Perhaps I shouldn't.
To be fair, talk about cancellation began among certain fans many moons prior to S1E1

I think many people were talking about cancellation in the thread that announced Dollhouse and that Joss was working with Fox again!

(Which, to be fair to Fox they have already show themselves to be far more honest and supportive of the show than most people thought. We are in season two after all!)

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I mean, the show would need a pretty big turn around in ratings to get more than 13 episodes, to be honest. But it's possible if the network do their bit and we tune in. I'm kinda working a lot of things behind-the-scenes to see what can be done -- I'm throwing a lot of things against the wall to see what sticks -- and there's a lot of good news in the last day. I don't wanna blog 'bout it much here though 'cos I don't want to jinx anything, and also what's said in email stays in email.

I'm so cheesy.

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Cheesy is good, gossi. Who doesn't love cheese? (Besides the lactose intolerant, who still may love it even if they can't tolerate it, truth be told.)
"I wear the cheese; the cheese does not wear me."

...planning to set up the home PC with 24/7 Hulu Dollhouse. Probably not at work, though.
At least Fox won't be getting all the flack for this one. They've gone just around the call of duty in Dollhouse a chance.

All that makes me sad is when I think they could have done the same with Firefly when that was airing. Imagine having 35 episodes of that to watch :-D - oh, and Serenity!
Ah Gossi is the Cheese Man - now it all makes sense why he keeps showing up in my dreams.

Well keep us posted if Must See Streaming does become an event. I want to help break the internet again.
Production is going to finish on at least 13 eps for a variety of reasons I won't get into on here.

YES. That's almost all I can hope for at this point. I really, really want to see a decent representative of what Joss and co. are getting up to in the second season. Even if (probably) I end up seeing the eps on DVD, I want them!
Thanks for havin my back, eyeboogers. (Hope that vernacular is acceptable). Thanks for being jovial, Simon. Didn't want to detract the conversation, just add a unique voice. And my voice was drunk last night.
Production is going to finish on at least 13 eps for a variety of reasons I won't get into on here.

Happiest sentence I've read all day. :-)

But I'm still going to distribute more posters. They're too pretty to waste.
I agree, that is the happiest sentence I've read, thanks for the update Gossi. My biggest fear was getting a truncated second season when the show was in the midst of its stride. (And I really feel it found a stride halfway through season 1 that has continually improved into season 2 now).

Now I don't need to fear (as much) that season two would be cut short with merely 7 (half) its episodes filmed. Joss will have a chance to resolve some threads even if we don't get a third season. And we'll have a lovely 26 episodes (not including Echo) on DVD.

As a worst-case scenario, it's not exactly horrible. (The best-case being ratings pick up, we get a back 9 AND a third season renewal, but I'm not getting my hopes up until I see some sign that things are improving).
This is a little OT but shows that any network can be the bad guys and not just FOX. Hollywood Reporter has the news that NBC has cancelled "Southland" which was due to start it's second season shortly in the Friday 9pm slot. Seems the show was killed by the relative success of Dateline in teh time slot. So whatever happens to Dollhouse, it'll have outdone Southland.
I hate to say but I am not shocked. This is my least favorite so far of JW efforts. Although I feel like the show ended with an upswing at the end of the season, I also feel like the show laid an egg with the Season 2 opener. Unless they can regain the momentum this show had at the end of season 1....I just don't see how people are going to stick around. I would like Fox to move this to another night as a last ditch effort. If Fox did that and the show doesn't make it, then I can honestly say Fox gave this show a fair shake.

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I think I have to objectively say Dollhouse IS my favorite so far of Joss' efforts, and that's saying something for me. Dollhouse flies without a net. It's got limitations built into it that Buffy and the other shows didn't have. Dollhouse is more down to Earth which you'd think would make it more relatable to a wider audience, but it's more in your face about things without using metaphors like vampires or reavers to talk about uncomfortable subject matter.

That is for me its strength. It may also be what keeps some away. Dollhouse cuts very close to the bone in regards to the fragile nature of humanity. Many don't like to accept the fact that we are ultimately just conditioned animals with a vague sense of self-awareness. If we are conditioned properly, we'll see reality not as it is, but as whatever conditions us wants us to see it.

It's why we still believe in gods. The naked truth is far too painful.
This is an article about ratings and how they're now being tracked differently in Canada. Maybe how much we think a show is being watched (Neilsens) isn't how much it's being watched.

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