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October 08 2009

(SPOILER) Roger Ebert gives Trucker four stars. "The supporting performances by Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt and Joey Lauren Adams are precisely what is needed: direct, open, no 'acting,' good tone control."

The review contains very minor character and plot spoilers.

That's a really good review.
Yeah it more or less addresses every point that usually leads to me not liking this kind of movie. Which means I should go see this.
Very nice review. I really enjoyed this movie, and not only because Nathan is in it. It's well done and worth watching for the performances of all the actors.

Those of you in cities where it's opening this weekend (NY, CA, IL, PA, KY or NM), please go see it. If it does well it will be able to expand wider in the coming weeks.
Sadly, it's not being showin Sacramento. I hope it will. If not, it's Blockbuster for me
It's really a great slice of life story.. it's the supporting actors who make the movie shine. If you can go see it!
I skimmed through the review--the spoilers may be minor, but they are still spoilers. But an Ebert four-star recommendation plus Nathan Fillion is certainly enough to get me to the theatre, assuming it plays anywhere near me (not necessarily likely...).
When it gets to Indiana, count me as There!
I've been waiting for this movie for a year, so I hope it makes its way to my local Landmark theatre in a week or two. :)
I love Roger Ebert. He cuts to the chase. Doesn't drool over who's popular right now. He's always been real. I cannot wait to see this movie. I would have seen it for Nathan alone, but have grown to love Monaghan.

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