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October 08 2009

(SPOILER) Two clips from Dollhouse 2x03 "Belle Chose". Dollverse has two interesting sneak peeks from the episode airing this Friday 9/8c on Fox. Another two clips can be found here and here.

This looks excellent. It'll be great to see Enver take some substantial screen time again.
Two more clips will appear online later today - those clips may be a little bit too spoilery for people. As in they actually spoil the episode, really.
Like the one they showed with Eliza during that "interview"?
Didn't four get released?
Yeah, I chose not to run the other two. I'm pretty sure other sites will pick them up.
Won't watch the other too if they are too spoilery. These two were wicked awesome though. Can't wait! Dollhouse is seriously on its game. Makes no sense to me that America isn't watching in large droves.
Don't normally watch clips pre-Friday, but I'm away from home for the next week and am not gonna be able to watch until I get home to the DVR.

Looks good. Happy that it looks like a good Enver ep (it really has to be called an "Enver" performance, since I can't be sure it'll be much of a "Victor" ep. Unless they explore what being imprinted with someone like that does to a doll...I mean, are they trying to create another Alpha ?).

Looks like this'll tie into how the Dollhouses were recruiting from prisons until Alpha. They must have a few killers' personalities stored on drives.
Wow, so if I'm reading these clips correctly, this is a genius concept for an episode.

Wake up a serial killer in an active's body, torture the active to find out where he's hid the people he murdered, then put him back in his original body, and no one will ever know what was done?

I mean, it's chilling and disturbing and ethically dubious to say the least (duh, it's Dollhouse), but is also pretty brilliant and imaginative.
If that's their aim in the episode, I'm wondering why Topher doesn't superimpose one of the cool parameters on Victor to give him an uncontrollable urge to tell the truth. However, I haven't read anything about the plot of the episode, so I'm just going off what bonzob conjectured.

Back in Briar Rose, though, it seems like it wouldn't have been necessary to use drugs on Mr. Dominic, by a similar argument. Maybe in both cases they don't feel they have the time to create a more fleshed-out imprint?
I added another two clips to the entry.
Oh man, I watched all four before reading this thread :( Oh well, looks awesome! The last one is way too spoilery though and I wish I hadn't watched it.
It'll be great to see Enver take some substantial screen time again.

Yes indeed. He brings a certain greatness to the thing.
Gossi, I've been meaning to ask....what's your connection with FOX, if you don't mind me asking.

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