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October 08 2009

Five TV Shows We'd Love to See on the Big Screen. selects Dollhouse as one of the shows they would like to see a film version of.

So who will die in the movie? :)
You WON'T?

It'll be a phone in vote mid-movie, they're all the rage nowdays.
Wow, what an odd collection of shows. I'm so excited for the Arrested Development movie. And, if nothing else, a Dollhouse movie would be visually stunning.

The two shows I really badly want a continuation of are Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls.
Arrested Development movie is still happening ? Cool, I hadn't heard anything about it in a while. While Season 3 wrapped up really well, I wonder if the creator had some ideas he was hoping to get out that he wasn't able to due to the abbreviated year (and maybe he already had ideas in mind for Season 4 as well).

Kinda hope the rumors about a Friends movie are false. They had ten seasons and from what I remember they wrapped up every plotline possible, it's unnecessary. Aside from studio execs seeing $$$ though, I wonder if the creators/showrunners behind the TV series are on board and, aside from money, if they have any good reason for wanting to go back to the well, aside from working with the Friends cast again.

Also, if they make a Friends movie, then I have to watch Season 2 of Joey. Season 1 was bad enough (not as horrible as many cringe-worthy sitcoms and maybe not as bad as its worst detractors made it out to be, but still pretty bad).

Sex & The City's film was unnecessary too, grrr.

If Dollhouse gets canned before Joss gets to tell the story he wanted to tell, then bring on the film, of course. I'd rather have the opportunity to check out a compromised ending (ie Serenity, although it worked for me real well) than nothing after cancelation.

Re: some of the comments after that article

One person says they want to see a Smallville movie, but not until the series ends, which "hopefully won't be for a long time." The series is on its 9th season currently, how much longer does this fan want the series drug out ? But whatever one thinks of Smallville, it's a wish I've seen repeated a lot. Many many people out there want a Superman movie starring Tom Welling and capping off the TV show in a big way.
Well, if I'd been sticking with Smallville all these years, I'd certainly want to see him finally become Superman!
I don't think a Friends movie would necessarily pay attention to Joey. It would make thinks needlessly complicated and nobody has seen it anyway. Then again, I don't think a movie version will happen at all. Though I would like it. It would feature a talented team of comedic actors and (if the writers of the show would be on board) good comedic writing. That's really all the excuse you need for a comedy and it's not like the character arcs were that important or weren't repetitive before.

An Arrested Movie could be great too. And it looks like that actually is going to happen!

The West Wing isn't really a possibility anymore, I'd say, due to the Sorkin-less years.
Uh.... Serenity 2, of course. DH as a feature film might work, as well. Joss can keep working on his Directorial chops, vis a vis films, that is. :D
Movies i'd like to see are:
Buffy-Angel continuation should happen, either seperately or together as movie or mini-series?
Friends, but it may just be unnecessary and ruin the series. Veronica Mars.
Terminator:TSCC, which i've heard they maybe doing a straight-to-DVD movie, so hopefully that will happen and tie up all loose ends.
Another Serenity movie wouldn't hurt either.

I don't think Dollhouse should be made into a movie even if it does get cancelled, i think their is/will be too much that couldn't cram into the movie.

I don't like the idea of a Superman movie with Tom Welling in either, because the whole point of Tom Welling as Clark Kent is that it's in his early years before he became Superman, I also think it should run its course on its 9th season, if not then it should deffinately stop at 10. My idea of how it will end is that he will become superman which is why it wouldn't/couldn't continue.
'Veronica Mars' is the one i'd most like to see at the moment and it lends itself to a single, 2-ish hour, self-contained story better than a lot of the other suggestions IMO.
The way things are going, I think a Dollhouse movie or two is/are inevitable at this point given Fox's commitment to ELiza and ELiza's to the property, to tie up loose ends.

I have a Friends anecdote but OT.
I haven't seen any evidence or even vague indications that a Dollhouse movie is inevitable, how'd you come around to thinking that ? I agree that Eliza's devotion to the property, as well as Joss', will lead to us seeing them attempt to shop the property around as much as possible should the axe fall on the show, but the unique situation with Firefly/Serenity doesn't mean lightning will strike twice. I dunno if a particular division of Fox would back a Dollhouse film, they didn't for Firefly. It was only because Mary Parent/Universal wanted to work with Joss and saw potential in a big action-sci-fi film (and maybe were attracted to the idea of Joss' built-in fandom and the potential for viral marketing opportunities?) that Serenity was able to happen (plus cheap cast and probably a killer pitch from Joss). Is there someone out there in Hollywood willing to play adopt-a-dead-show again ? We'll see (or--and here I'm dreaming--a premium cable channel to keep the show going, 'cause Dollhouse paired with, say, Dexter on Showtime would be quite the killer block on Sunday nights).
If 'Dollhouse' gets cancelled (say they make the 13 then stop) i'd be pretty surprised if any movies were made. There just doesn't seem to be the same critical or commercial momentum there that there was for 'Firefly'.

Course, the next 11 might hit the stride that so many critics and viewers seem to feel the show is missing at the moment, critical momentum might build, DVDs might start selling like hotcakes etc. and then ta da, the will's there cos the bottom line is. Who knows.

(though I suspect, as things currently stand, these 13 will be geared towards a semi-resolution so I doubt there'll be too many plot threads left hanging)
If 'Dollhouse' gets cancelled (say they make the 13 then stop) i'd be pretty surprised if any movies were made. There just doesn't seem to be the same critical or commercial momentum there that there was for 'Firefly'.

I'm afraid your right Saje. And I'm also afraid Serenity's lack of huge commercial succes won't make the gamble any more attractive either. Though I do hope that Cabin will do wonders for Joss's track record. Oh and that Dollhouse picks up momentum too of course (though that seems less likely than I hope/think the Cabin thing is).


Oh, and I'd be completely on board for a Veronica Mars movie too.

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Kris, Saje: I was being ironic for satirical effect. Looks like I missed the traget ,sorry

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