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October 08 2009

Eliza Dushku on Jimmy Fallon. Fun, spoiler free interview in which Jimmy actually lets Eliza talk about Dollhouse, and then she beats him up as a thank you!

Fun interview. And is it my imagination or are we seeing more publicity and chat show appearances now than we did when S2 started?

Are Fox actually promoting the show now?
Ha! I loved that she compared her dog to a Buffy fan....nice.
That was fun!! First Felicia and now Eliza...Is it possible that Jimmy could lead the media charge for all things Versy? Only one small caveat, did he call Joss Josh?
I love that she MOUNTED Jimmy Fallon. Talk about publicity. That was a great interview.

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I just watched this on Hulu. It's kinda awesome! I loved the stalkery Buffy fan dog, hee. Eliza is fierce.
zz9, the only interview Eliza did pre S2 was that annoying Ryan Seacrest one where all he wanted to talk about was if Rick and Eliza were going to Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian's wedding.

It was a waste of Eliza's time, cuz she called in while shooting.

Otherwise, these past few days have been it. Seriously, if you go to twitter search, there's hundreds of thousands of tweets to Eliza asking when S2 starts still. Also, I have received quite a few tweets about it as well. It's frustrating.

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And oh yeah, when did the banner photo's get updated??? Dr. Horrible is in the house!!!
He did say "Josh". He did that during Felicia's interview too.

But cool that he says he likes the show, and it was a fun interview!

I'm not sure I'm crazy about the Buffy fan / Dog comparison, but you know... it was funny, I guess.
Eh, fandom needs to be able to laugh at itself, there was nothing wrong with the Buffy-fan/dog comment.

Heh, after watching that, especially with Eliza's staged fight with Jimmy at the end, I feel like in an alternate reality there's an Eliza Dushku who's a WWE wrestler.
I think I read somewhere that in one of the WWE video games, you can unlock a Faith wrestler.
Eliza Dushku as a WWE wrestler? She'd be the most interesting female wrestler since the Fabulous Moolah or, for you who are familiar with Japanese wrestling, Manami Toyota (check her out on YouTube, she makes even Randy Orton look bad).
Forgot to mention--what was up with censoring the song that played as the guest made her entrance ? It plays on the radio all the time, but that word on late-night TV isn't okay ? Besides, it's "deuce", not "douche" as it's commonly mistaken for, so...why bad? Awkward.

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One of the best interviews I;ve seen to promote the show. Fun, sexy, and very entertaining. And yes, it does seem like FOX is giving the show one last push... which is very fair.

I think they really are covering all of their bases with giving the show some chances this season and, to be honest, it doesn't look like audiences are biting. Could be the show, could be the date and time.

I think they really are covering all of their bases with giving the show

A handful of promos run before the season started, PR material sent out to journalists that was incorrect, a desktop app that provoked a minor backlash, Eliza doing the chat show circuit for the new season after two episodes have aired. It's like Laurel and Hardy are running Fox PR. It's amateurish and it's frustrating for me as a fan.
It seems like we'll at least get a couple more episodes aired, even as a worst case scenario. It would just be odd to throw Eliza on talk shows then cancel her show two days later. Right?

Nathan, I disagree with that assessment. An episode like "Instinct" was not doing them any favors, but otherwise, they've done next to nothing to give the show a chance this season.

They gave the show close to zero promos.

Half of the ones they have put out have been painfully tone deaf and weak (like the Friday Night Fights one).

They advertised the premiere was "tonight" when it wasn't for another week.

They kept it on a bad night, only now it's a bad night with more competition, thanks to Smallville, Ugly Betty, and others moving there.

Now they are finally putting Eliza out there, and at least one of the interviewers was shocked to hear the season had already premiered. Makes sense, as stars usually hit the talk show rounds to promote premieres, not third episodes.

It seems to me that Fox thought they could make a profit with Dollhouse by doing nothing and hoping the numbers would stay the same as last year or slightly improve. Instead, the number have predictably plummeted, and now they're doing some last ditch stuff that they should have done in the first place.

Not that I'm mad at Fox -- they renewed the show, after all, and the show's had it's share of creative problems. But I do think it's wrong to say the network's covering all its bases in terms of giving it chances.
I tell ya, that Jimmy Fallon, he's made something out of that show. I thought it was gonna be awful but it's not too shabby. And he's been very 'verse-friendly the past couple weeks.
Maybe, just maybe, they thought that Vows and Instinct weren't that great but 3, 4 and the following episodes are much better. So why do a lot of promo to get people to watch a so-so episode who may never tune in again. maybe they think the next episode is a real winner so they have waited until now to do some PR?

I'm clutching at straws, aren't I?

(And I liked Instinct.)
I don't know, I found her kind of off putting, especially from a non-fan perspective. To me she just sat there saying how amazing and kick arse she is and how everyone loves her. Perhaps some clips from the show would have helped and even backed up her claims, but for someone who knows nothing about her I think she looks really up herself.

I'd love to see the other cast on the promotion mainstage but as everyone has pointed out already Fox doesn't even know when the show is airing nevermind being able to properly inform the public about it.
I really like Fallon, ever since that Zack Morris interview, he's been the king in my books. The second time he's called him Josh, though, with no corrections and I never understood whether he has seen Dollhouse or not. It seems to be the latter.

Get Nathan on there. They'd rock the house together.
This was really cute. Eliza really does have the moves!
Of Eliza's recent talk show appearances - Letterman, Good Day NY and this one - her appearance on Jimmy Fallon is the *only* one I liked. (In fact, I cringed my way through both of those others.) It wasn't Eliza's fault - Jimmy seemed like the only one that really gave a crap - and they'd worked out something to do together, which went over well.

And I thought it was funny - they had a nice rapport, and they were both charming & lovable. It did a good job for Dollhouse.

I'm glad there's been this little promo push - and Dushku's been working hard doing all this stuff - but, you know - what Simon said.

And then when you compare & contrast whyiwatch's beautiful fan work with the official Fox stuff - well, I think Fox's efforts show 1) a committee in action and 2) utter cluelessness.

BTW, I can see at this point the only way I'm gonna get Echo and Adelle paperdolls - with a paper Dollhouse as their storage folder, and episode outfits & accessories for each of them - is if I make 'em myself.
I don't normally watch this show so I can't tell if guests are typically expected to perform 'stunts' like this. Clearly, it was prepared (mats on the floor, change of clothes, etc) but not sure if the idea was Fallon's or Eliza's or something else. If it isn't typical, then it seemed a bit odd. And I have to wonder, did the dog-trainer also mount Fallon... or did his dog? Maybe that was the vibe of the night.
This was a very nice appearance, but unfortunately, Dollhouse still sounds like the dumbest show on the air when people try to describe it. If I weren't aware of the pedigree, I would absolutely make sure to avoid the show by all means necessary. As a friend pointed out, it's always made to sound like a 14-year-old's wet dream.
I guess Dave didn't know getting beaten up by Eliza was an interview option.

Kudos to Jimmy Fallon. This was a lot of fun. And Eliza... force of nature. Love her.
A little put off by the crazy Buffy fan comment, but I think that's because it was a joke that fell flat and felt more like an insult than a lighthearted quip. I forgive her.

Why does she have to mention the dominatrix thing? Honestly. They want people to watch, but it's not like the people who are watching to see Eliza be a dominatrix are the people that are going to stick around to watch Eliza be self-reflecting Echo.

Also, what's with all this Instinct hate? I liked it. My mom liked it, and she's been so-so with most of the episodes.
@baxter -- I don't watch nightly, so I'm not sure if it happens every night, once a week, or what, but I've caught a number of bits with Jimmy and his guests outside of the regular interview format. I don't watch every night, but I can think of several guests who have played some game or other with Jimmy: Elijah Wood, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Emily Deschanel, and even NPH. Also, he had John Krasinski and Stephen Moyer participate (a lot) in the Project Natal (Xbox) demo, and he got Michael Emerson to read the nursery rhyme "Little Boy Blue" to great effect.

Looking at that list, and knowing how often I don't watch, it seems like it's something they do as often as they can. Which is great, because it helps break some of the staidness of talk show interviews.
Aw, I'm sure she's had Buffy fans who exactly like an overenthusiastic puppy. Fair description, I'd say, and since she's obviously a dog lover, it's basically praise.

And the show description... well, Joss's shows have always been cursed by being indescribable.

The fight was pretty awesome.
Video is down. Anyone have another link? Haven't seen it yet.

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