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October 08 2009

Eliza tweets about Why I Watch. "WHOA. Pretty cool."

She's not wrong.
I finally made it over to the site--WOW!! Really great job. Do we know who did the site?
Prepare to be Felicia'd then, one of her tweets knocked us for six once.
When I tried to check it out the other day it was still super slow. After Eliza's tweet, I gave it another go and I second her "WHOA". It's a stunning piece of work. Bravo!
lol, the only thing more dangerous to a site than being whedonesque'd is being felicia'd. Hope their new server holds up.
Hi, alexeager! My name is Dessy and I put the together over the course of two nights. My day job is advertising and branding and gossi inspired me to put it all to use for the force of good.
Well, 22 minutes after she tweeted and is still up, so I think it's safe. The Felicia effect usually knocks the sites instantaneously.

And everyone: Don't forget you can Digg the site too... only 14 so far. We can do better than that.

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Thank you and fantastic job, whyiwatch!
Beautiful site. I like that the creator was able to include 3 songs from the show. Unfortunately they're not gonna draw in everyone. A whole lotta folks out there aren't into sensitive, softer stuff like that, but you can't please everyone. I like 'em (especially the one from "Epitaph 1") and they're representative of the show, so they fit. Site viewers can turn them off if they like.

Some of the fan testimonials aren't gonna appeal to a non-Joss fan either (or those who have liked some Joss shows, but tried and hated Dollhouse), with all the "First I watched this because it's Joss", "Joss Whedon makes the best TV", etc, but they're all well-written and folks are free to write what they want there. At the very least, their enthusiasm should draw in a few handfuls of new viewers.

The character descriptions are brief, but accurate. Nice that they held back on spoiling Dr. Saunders, but all the other characters are Season 2-current, which'll be helpful for anyone tuning in who doesn't have the aid of watching Season 1 beforehand.

Has there been a drive to buy the DVDs and donate them to libraries/send-to-troops the way there was for Firefly ?

This doesn't have anything to do with Why I Watch, but I feel like if Fox had aired "Epitaph 1" (is that just completely not in the planning anymore ?), it'd draw in a whole different kind of viewer. Those who like post-apocalyptic material, more action-driven/death-filled shows. I mean present-day Dollhouse has the latter two elements too and it'd be sorta misleading to get viewers with "Epitaph 1" when the rest of the show isn't like that, but...I don't feel bad about tricking people into watching the show ? The film industry does bait & switch advertising in their trailers all the time.

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There's a lot of people RTing Felicia... that's very good.
It'd be great if people like Nathan Fillion, Wil Wheaton, Grant Imahara and others with lots of followers tweeted about it too...
That is one of the best 'save my show' sites I've ever seen. The biggest issue is communicating the concept of Dollhouse to outsiders; a concept that is generally (and purposefully) off-putting. This site wonderfully establishes the myriad reasons that Dollhouse is worth watching, and worth saving.
whyiwatch, really GREAT job!

If there's anything I've learned, when you're in the orbit of Joss Whedon, there's always some pretty damn good karmic response for efforts like these. (For example, I predict you and Joss will meet some day soon and he's gonna call your effort "Amazing!" and he'll probably say "Thank you" too.)

But for now, I'll say it on behalf of the rest of us, thank you!
awwwh! thank you, alexreager (and to everyone else, as well). my family thought i was crazy to do this in the midst of work and two small kids. and i am indeed very crazy. but this whole thing seems to be working and i am currently planning on pulling another all-nighter so i can put together the over 100 "why i watch" testimonials that i've gathered, as well as a small ad for youtube. so, please follow my twitter (#arachnocraft) and i'll tweet to everyone when it's done. the goal is to generate tons of internet buzz tomorrow and get all these people tuned in at 9/8C. i know the execs at fox will be paying attention.
I, for one, loved it!


You are amazing for putting this together. I actually got a little teary-eyed when I first saw the page (might have something to do with the music, but also because it is just such a pretty page, and a testament to the awesome fandom.)

Just want to say thank you for doing this!
The music definitely makes this flash site work! It's one of the prettiest fan sites ever.
The music is fitting, and I did enjoy it, but it would be nice if there was a visible "stop" button. (After reading through several paragraphs I decided I wanted to listen to my own music again.) It can be paused by opening the playlist after clicking the little icon at the bottom, but this isn't obvious enough, and I hope people wouldn't be turned off by fact that the website plays music and leave without reading anything.
It is what the Germans call fabelhaft, whyiwatch!
Dugg, tweeted, Facebooked. It's lovely, whyiwatch -- well done, and thank you!
whyiwatch, thoughts on the website songs...

There is at least one good upbeat song from the show, called "Portions For Foxes" by Rilo Kiley. Maybe for those who are put off by the slowness.

And then "Lonely Ghosts" by O+S is beautiful. Not sure how many of these songs you can put on the site.

I've been going to the site just to listen. I know that many of us are doing that. The fact that Dollhouse incorporates these songs may bring in those website visitors that like them.
That one song at the end of "Man on the Street" would also fit nicely in with the three that are already there.
Updating to say that has 50 shiny new "Why I Watch" testimonials. Have (literally) hundreds more, but the images are very all-night-consuming. On the other hand, they'll have more of an impact. Trying to break 100 up today. Please tell those who aren't watching why they should!
Thank you, whyiwatch. Your work is beautiful.
That is a great site. Very well done. Technically, artistically and editorially.
whyiwatch, the new format for "why others watch" is visually very impressive, but it's hard to read the top row. You can scroll left and right but there's no way to go up or down.

And, not to get too whiny about it or anything, but I can't find mine any more...

Still, great job! It should be pretty impressive for newcomers.

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