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October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Eliza talks with MTV about Dollhouse. Don't think that it's too spoilery but spoilphobes might still wanna stay away. There's also a video interview with her over at the New York Post site.

There's also a video but I couldn't get it to work so it remains to be seen.

This might be a relevant link to add to this.

Eliza Talks to New York Post
"Caroline (Ashley Johnson's character)"

Oh lord. I think the universe might implode if someone actually did some fact checking before (or after) an interview.
Well, that's not entirely wrong...she did get imprinted with Caroline's personality...

Although, in the context stated in the article, it is blatently incorrect, considering Ashley Johnson's character is deader than a parrot in a Monty Python sketch.
Hm, I'm not sure it's correct really. Ashley Johnson was playing Wendy, who happened to be imprinted with Caroline's memories.
BUT doesn't that make her Caroline ;).

*insert your faivourite Dollhouse identity, what's real who's real rambling here*
Ashley Johnson did play Caroline. But not during the Glaufest which has not yet aired and which the quote referenced. Dollhouse is fun that way.
That's what's tricky about this show. They probably saw the character name and went to imdb. Hee.
Might've also thrown the reporter off that Eliza seems to have referred to Echo as "she" rather than "I." I find the third person clearer but it seems like a lot of interviewers use a actor = character angle.
So the shooting was fatal. Joss is still Joss.

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