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October 09 2009

Official Dollhouse Twitter started posting. Follow @DOLLHOUSEonFOX for updates.

I joined, hoping this is the key to keeping the show on the air.
It's a part of the puzzle, for sure.
Was there any promotion for DH during Fringe last night? I saw nothing during Bones...

On the other hand, Eliza's been everywhere this week, which is great. Unfortunately, that, and now the official Twitter coming in the third week of DH kinda makes me feel like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer: "Once again, things that could've been brought to my attention YESTERDAY!"

In any case, I'm following now. Hope the efforts this week have some payoff.
Ok, so I bit the bullet and signed up for twitter. All the big news these days seems to break there, and I'm tired of getting everything second hand. (If anyone cares, I'm ReptilynSamurai).

A few questions:
-What's the best way to keep up with the people you are following?
-What exactly does adding a # to a keyword do?
-When I see a reply, how can I find the original message it was in response to? (Not just the person). I've found it difficult to follow 'threads' on twitter.
And... - Who else on Whedonesque is on Twitter? Can I be your follower?
A few answers:

-The homepage has the latest updates from people you're following. Otherwise, you can also get Tweets texted to you (probably a bad idea for more prolific Twitter users) or... I think the only other option is to check their pages. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

-The # works, in my understanding, kind of like tags do on blogs (like this one!). Just lets people search "#dollhouse" so they can find tweets related to it.

-Under the reply tweet, it'll say, "at [time] in reply to [user]". The "in reply to" bit is a link to the tweet. If they just responded indirectly, not by hitting the reply button on the tweet, then I dunno if there's a way to find it other than just looking through their recent tweets.

-Lots of people! sumogrip is me. But I don't tweet very often or interestingly.

Also, I know nothing about Twitter. Disregard all of my answers.
I'm Tabz on Twitter - feel free to follow.

- The best way to keep us is realize that Twitter is meant to be passive, don't feel like you HAVE to read everything. Only follow folks you really are interested in reading to start with, and folks you want to read and folks who'd be interested in you (conversations are what keep folks on Twitter).

- # makes topics searchable and clickable so people can read what other folks are saying on a topic.

- Click on the small words under the reply that say "in reply to..." that will take you to the previous message.
I love fellow Whedon fans on twitter.
Hah! Thanks, Jobo, that was helpful.

I doubt I'll tweet often or interestingly either.
JMaloney there was one commercial, that I saw anyway. It was mixed with a Brothers and 'Til Death spot.

And this is good that they are finally doing something to promote the show.

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