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October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Abandon All Hope as Mark Sheppard guest stars on Supernatural. Mark will be appearing on the last episode to air in 2009. The episode "Abandon All Hope" is writen by former verse scribe Ben Edlund. Spoiler for Supernatural.

Fantastic. I've really been enjoying this season so far--the premiere excepted--and Mr. Sheppard can only help.

Mark Sheppard is rocking the guest roles (I saw him on the White Collar pilot.. he rocks).
Yay! Mark Sheppard and Supernatural! Two awesome things meet at last! :-)
That's a fantastic piece of casting!
I am absolutely loving this season of 'Supernatural', especially Ben Edlund's episode 'The End' which was hilarious, moving and scary all at the same time. The preview for the next few episodes looks like the show's going to hit it out of the ballpark.
I really did miss Castiel last night, though, I just adore what Misha Collins brings to the role.
Yeah, that "SOON" preview was great. Looked like there is some hilarious, definitely Edlundesque, wackiness coming up. (Padalecki's impression of David Caruso was spot on!)
Mark Sheppard: taking over the world of television, one show at a time. Who's playing Aziraphale?
Haha the caruso impression was absolutely fantastic, I've been watching it at least a dozen of times :)

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