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October 09 2009

Amber Benson's "Another Harvest Moon" Makes Its Hollywood Premiere! Well, okay, it's more Ernest Borgnine's "Another Harvest Moon," but Amber's in it, and you can order buy your tickets for the October 23rd premiere.

I swear Amber's in this, despite no mention of her at the link. I've been wanting to post about this for a long time, because I'm friends with the casting director, so I keep getting updates. But I haven't posted because I felt like it might be too peripherally related to the Whedonverse, but I figured a premiere opportunity is worth a post. Hopefully the moderators will agree.
She's mentioned on the IMDb page, but your link seems more appropriate for the news. Still, if anyone needed proof of her being in this movie.
Yes. Thanks. Also, I'm told by the CD, Bonnie Gillespie, that not only is she great in general, she's great in this film. I'm excited.
It partly filmed down near my state capital. If it focusses on the residents, Amber's character by definition would be way down the cast list.

Sigh, it's tough being an Amebrholic sometimes; excpet for aboo and Intermedio, her films don't come to the pawn shops :-).
Yeah, it's definitely not an Amber-centric movie, by any means. However, it's doing very well on the festival circuit, earning awards for Borgnine, and actually kicking off this Hollywood film festival. All this to say that I reckon it stands a pretty good chance of getting distribution and an actual theatrical release. Fingers crossed.

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