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October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Chris Ryall celebrates 10 years of Angel. Posted on his blog are five preview pages of Angel #28 "The Crown Prince Syndrome," the first issue in Bill Willingham and Brian Denham's new arc entitled Immortality for Dummies.

Also included are first looks at more covers, one by David Messina, and another depicting Angel and Spike reigning in 2010.

Great preview.Love that Connor is getting such a focus in this upcoming arc.
OMG that variant cover with Spike in a diaper and Angel with a party blower! *hoots* Too daft.

Looking forward to getting this issue. I like the look of the art.
Wow...that is early:)

Very nice so far. Great art, and I like the voice so far.

"There'll be one other bit of ANGEL 28 news to share soon, a cool little something, but for now, happy anniversary, ANGEL. Here's to another 10 or more under our stewardship...!"

Cant wait to hear what that is. And also...hear hear! May Angel get another 10 years:)
I'm not sure what's stranger, Spike and Angel in diapers or the musclebound Connor. Either way I'm looking forward to the new arc.

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