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October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Promo for the next episodes of Dollhouse. Introducing a new cast member for episode 5, and teases on episode 4. How awesome does it look on a scale of one to awesome? Awesometastic. And the official press release for the fifth episode can be found here.

That's bloody brilliant. They've done a very good job advertising Summer Glau and the episode and this is the standard FOX should try to maintain.
Looks like they're wasting no time kicking it into high gear:)
YES! Finally a good ad!

This looks very very awesome and I can't wait!

I just hope they put this ad on a lot during this next weeks.

Dollhouse Twitter, news that they will air at least the next 2 episodes, @FoxBroadcasting linking a "Why should Dollhouse be saved" article, good promo showing up this fast... if the ratings get a little better, I may start believing in miracles.

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Reading the episode descriptions from Mo Ryan's story it seems like the upcoming episodes are very serialized, which is extremely exciting. This next episode looks absolutely excellent.
My awesome scale broke.
Now only if it would play for me.
I added a link to the entry.
And what a link it is! Look who plays Kilo!

I guess writing three scripts and one song per season just doesn't cut it. ;)
Oh snap, Maurissa playing an active! Coolest thing ever.
I am so looking forward to seeing this, particularly Topher. I don't know when it happened but he's my favourite character these days.
Dang, that promo is squeal-worthy. Having just watched the most recent episode I am so revved up right now for the next!

Also, the blood! The creepy blood!
Far too exciting...waiting for this is just the most physically draining thing in the world!!!!
Oh nice. Jed mentioned Marissa's appearance in the recent interview but not who she'd be playing.
Now that was a good promo. Looking forward to this episode!!
Holy Frak! I am sooooooo excited! This promo was actually good. The ones before have just been cheesy. I can't wait for Summer Glau and Topher covered in blood???? Crazy good.
Could someone give me an alternate link? That site crashes all the browsers I've got.

[edit] Never mind, we're good.

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