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October 10 2009

What the papers say about last night's Dollhouse. The A.V. Club gave it a 'B+, saying "it was a clever, self-contained exploitation of the basic Dollhouse premise". Ken Tucker at loved it "All in all, one of the most enjoyable hours of the season". The TV Squad reviewer said it would have worked better if it had been aired as the second episode as originally intended. HitFix praised Tim Minear's script and added that 'Belle Chose' felt "like what the show should have been from the start". And a special treat, the script can be read over at Dollverse.

As ever if you find any other reviews out there do mention them in the comments.

Definitely the best ep of S2 so far - it was incredibly messed up :). The Inside meets Dollhouse; go, Tim!
Awww - I wish they'd kept in the Bo Peep stuff.
I loved it. The only thing that threw me off was that Eliza kept saying "Sorority girl/serial killer chick" in all of her interviews this past week that I somehow expected both Echo's and Victor's engagements to be intertwined and that would've been the big twist.
The more I see of Enver Gjokaj, the more I respect his acting skills. Do you agree?
and the ratings rose!
Petranef, yes I'm really impressed by how Enver mimics people when imprinted with their personalities.

And Echo & Victor's storylines were intertwined in that they both received an imprint of the serial killer (at different points in the plot).
Absolutely, petranef--Enver Gjokaj is da bomb!

....or some other slang term for awesomeness that people actually still use. ;-)
Enver was freakin amazingo!
He rocks man, I believe every single one of his characters.
:) And his looks are.... well,
All round Yummo.
Last nights episode was too cool :)
I loved the switch. Didn't everyone just LOOVE Kiki.

IF Magazine episode review here, gave A- grade:
Raked has a pair of reviews up here and here.

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