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October 10 2009

(SPOILER) LA Times talks to Enver Gjokaj about last night's Dollhouse episode. Some vague mentions of forthcoming episodes. He's so cool.

Interesting to hear that the serial killer actor had to mimic Enver, not the other way around. It doesn't lessen my enthusiasm for the job Enver did but it does make me look at it differently.
Enver is fearless and totally committed! The disco scene was perfect.
Yes, that was an interesting tidbit about the killer. The fact that he created that creep rather than mimicking him makes it even better.

And let me just take this opportunity to mention for the kajillionth time that Enver is Amazing. I'm so glad I saw him first in this role, because he's always so damned convincing that if I saw him first in the future show in which he will inevitably star, I might not have been aware of his range. I would have taken it for granted that the character was just Enver.
Definitely Enver is the greatest find from Dollhouse. I really like to see him in other things.
Yes he really deserves a lead role. A spin-off on Victor maybe (and Sierra) ?
If not, it's a good thing that Joss likes to keep his actors around :)
Has the link been Whedonesque'd? I can't seem to make it work.
I wonder who the "familiar face" is going to be...
Enver really is astonishing in his range. Everything just seems to effortless the way he does it, and it's almost like he was born to play Victor - he's so utterly convincing.
I never did get this link to work. I even tried searching for 'Enver Gjokaj' at, not that I have any idea where something like this would be stored. The search engine was cute, though: "Did you mean 'Denver Gjokaj'?" which of course it could also not find. Though, for a crazy moment as the correction search loaded, I thought Enver's twin might be named Denver.
Mercenary, it is in the Entertainment -> Television -> Show Tracker section and is called "'Dollhouse': Victor the serial killer, and the actor who plays him".

I hope this helps.
Whatever work he puts in isn't wasted in any way IMO, as usual Joss has found someone that can really do the job, time after time, character after character. The only thing we haven't seen him do yet (IIRC) is the "mid-scene flip" from one character to another (Eliza's been pretty impressive the times we've seen her do it IMO). Since Victor more or less "works" it's not really surprising but i'd still like to see what he can do with it.

Nice interview.

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