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October 10 2009

Another Dollhouse season 2 promo pic. And it's a group one, hark at that.

Nice. But um... is anyone else getting irresistible urges to push some people off?
Photoshop didn't work so well there... looks very weird and fake.
Love group shots, but this is a weird not very well done photoshop.
my sentiments exactly.
It looks...odd.

I hate it when they fiddle around with photoshop - they always screw things up.

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For a moment I thought quotergal's paper dolls had finally made an appearance.
It's framed oddly--dare I say "wrong"? At a normal flickr size, the people are barely visible. If it's designed to be a desktop, then yes, Echo is in the center, but the rest of the cast would have been covered up by icons. :-)
but the rest of the cast would have been covered up by icons.

Unless you hide them like I do!
Or you use a Mac. And you don't leave many icons on the desktop.
I thought the idea of a group shot was to have everyone in the foreground with the central character, as opposed to sending her into the background with them. Though I suppose they compromised by just having the foreground really far away so that everyone is tiny and only distinctive enough for you to notice the poor photoshop job.
Glad I'm not the only one who thought they all look "dropped in".

I'd kill to have that house, though!
Sorry to be the person that likes it.
Maybe they're about to play hide and seek, and Echo's counting.
Not a very perfect photoshopped work, but I like the idea of having one promo pic with Echo alone near the glass first, and then having another one with Echo there, and the rest of the cast just behind..It shows how: "hey, we gave you promo pics showing Echo a lot, but there's a whole team of great characters around that too!"..
I like that thing Dichen Lachman is doing with her foot. And her semi-lotus position posture. Like one leg is eastern, one leg is western.

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