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October 10 2009

Improv show featuring Felicia Day broadcasting live online. Starts at 9pm PDT. Direct link to Ustream. Adult content.

Line-up includes Alex Albrecht, Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh.

That is SWEET! Thanks for the heads up.
You should have seen last month's show. It was wild. Imagine what we'll get tonight
Weirdly, the link doesn't work for me!
This Facebook link isn't working for me either, but here's the Ustream link.
Its starting......
If you want the stream without all the other stuff (chat, etc.) this.
Very funny.
Oh THANK YOU interwebz.

I'm not sure if I like the invisible shrink, the two steering wheel car, or the talking bats the most yet. I miss improv...

It helps that I just got finished watching ASSSCAT from Itunes just before this. Got me in the mood.

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There have been some hilarious bits. I loved "I wish he would do something besides win prizes." Topical humor!
The entire last one should be given to an animator.
I missed that joke. My one complaint is the sound really isn't very good. I live in an apartment and I'm constantly turning my sound down and up in order to either hear them or silence the crowd.
My vote's for the busybody aunt scientist. I think this is the first time the group has aired this show live. Once they fix the sound problem, they're on their way
Too bad Buffy never had to face a yeti with a jetpack. That would have made for some interesting television.
My wife keeps telling me to turn it down too. A couple of properly positioned mics and a compressor would go a long way.
My vote's for the busybody aunt scientist.
Yeah, she was pretty hilarious.

That was funny stuff. Make sure to let us know when they do it again!
Just follow @hammerimprov on Twitter or friend them on Facebook and you'll know.
I just friended them on Facebook.
That is SWEET! Thanks for the heads up.

No problem. Don't know why Facebook wasn't working for everyone, it was and is fine for me, but I had the Ustream link in there anyway.

Didn't actually stay up to watch it myself (and since it started at 5am here, that was probably a good call). There's half an hour of it here, perhaps the rest is coming later.

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