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"Let's collar him before he lawyers up."
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October 11 2009

(SPOILER) Halloween episode of Castle will have a nice treat for Firefly fans. What a fine brown coat!


brings a tear to the eye seeing him dressed like that
mortimer: You're not the only one. ;)

Best Halloween costume EVER.

thats really cool!
Love it (and miss it!)
That should be awesome. I wonder what the explanation will be (i.e. what they will say his costume is meant to be).
I am getting a server error for that link.
But I pretty much get the gist of the story, and yeah, awesome!
Another promo image from the episode.

Btw that Browncoat picture of Nathan was circulating as early as the 19th of last month.
awwww... I love my captain.
For that one I will tune in again.
server link error for me too

but I have seen the pic
also heard for copyright reasons, he couldn't wear that first costume more likely the one in the cast photo

I wouldn't mind if he wore BOTH
Yeah, if he's going to wear the costume from the Promo picture, we're not going to be seeing a Browncoat. Permaybehaps he wore the Mal get-up during Rehearsals for the Episode? I will be watching the Show, no matter what, but that Browncoat costume...
Such a tease...

I miss me some Mal... :'(
He'll probably say he's a frontiersman.

Too bad it wasn't his pretty floral bonnet. 'cause, ya know, of that bet last week...
I was fortunate to catch the moment when he delivered a baby while dressed up as Frankenstein's monster during a halloween party on Desperate Housewives. I'm hoping the funny will hit a similar high on Castle.
Like TDBrown, I'm not sure we'll see that in the episode (based on that promo pic with the other costume). In fact, are we even sure this is a new picture, or could that be a picture on a Firefly set?
well his hair does look longer in the first pic than he usually wears it in Castle

still would love to see it
*dying* he going to be Poe or Mal on the we know? The idea of Castle wearing more than one Halloween costume through out the day isn't all that farfetched lol
Never has an image made me so happy and so sad all at the same time.
I miss Mal.....:-(
Poe would make sense. I could see Richard coming as the inventor of the modern detective story.

Mal would be awesome, but just a little too crossing universey.
Come on guys... it's very likely that in Castle's universe Firefly is a TV show (just like ours).

It reminds me of the episode of Suite Life of Zack and Cody when they did High School Musical as a play in their school and Ashley Tisdale kept saying she looked like Sharpay... and no one could see it.
At least the title of this article was less shocking than the original one over at one reads "Captain Mal Reynolds Returns to Television!"

Talk about your cheap bait. :)

[ edited by samuelk on 2009-10-11 23:39 ]
Ha! I knew it! :D
So that means Nathan Fillion exists in the Castleverse?

Does this then mean that if there was ever an episode of Castle about someone making a TV show based on his life, they could get Nathan to play Nathan playing Castle?

(Yes, I watched Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason recently, why do you ask?)
Craig Oxbrow,

Hmmm, in the Castleverse, actor Ryan Reynolds exists.

In the Official Richard Castle twitter,, is a friend of Richard Castle and they twitter back and forth. It is fun.
So... did Nathan *wink wink* confirm this or not? Is he going to wear the tightpants or not? Is that Poe pic a red herring? Is the Mal pic?

Which is it?
I don't think Nathan confirmed it - but I do think we'll see the costume in the show - I love that these two worlds are colliding!

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