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October 11 2009

Recap of the Buffy season 8 panel at Baltimore Comic Con. Georges Jeanty, Jo Chen and Scott Allie were there to answer questions from fans. Amongst the Buffy tidbits, there's an update on the status of the Shepherd Book mini-series.

It be really cool if all this timeline to have season 9 starting in 2009 works out. It was mentioned somewhere that it be a shorter season, but just menas more Buffy for 2-3 years at least, hopefully.
Weren't we supposed to have the Shepard Book comic by now? Come on! - I want more Serenity!

Seriously I just don't understand why there is not an ongoing Serenity comic:(
Interesting panel.And Allie confirms that Angel and Spike have already appeared.Angel's dream appearences in issue 3 and 20.Spike also in issue 3 and both in the Always Darkest Web comic.And neither will probably be showing up in season 8 again.Those were there appearences.

Man,I wish Jeanty had spilled.Chen

But it sounds like Twilight's reveal is coming very soon.I guess we can take Angel or Spike off the list of suspects.


Unless Allie's lying about Angel and Spike which he could be but I don't see any reason for him too.Could be wrong though.I leave open the possibility.It's not the first time that was done to hide a big reveal.Angel being human in ATF and Tara's death in SR spring to mind.I personally don't think he is but I'm not saying he couldn't be to hide major spoilers.

But neither were likely suspects to be Twilight for me to begin with.

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Because an ongoing Serenity comic with supervision would suck. It's very easy to write bad Firefly.
...almost a fanboy? :)
Disappointing about no more Angel in the Buffy book, but I don't trust editors (they like their secrets too much), and Allie could be telling a white lie.
Oh I don't think he'd have any reason to lie. I've never been under the belief that Joss and co wanted either character to appear in season 8 and play any meaningful role. I think he probaly thinks they'd get in the way of the story he's trying to tell.
I'm still betting that Twilight is the "Cheese Guy", only he's gotten really buffed up since Restless.
Most interesting part for me, and I think something that was not mentioned before:

"'Dollhouse? There's a chance," Allie explained. "When Joss first told me he was going to do the 'Dollhouse' show, I said 'Well, I know you don't want to do comic right away, but whenever you want to do then, we want to do them.' He said, 'Yeah, I just don't really see how it's a comic, but if we're gonna do it, I'll do it with you guys.' And then at San Diego this year, he said 'I know how we can do it as a comic.' And that's where we left it."

Joss knows how to do it. That's new, I think.
A Dollhouse comic - now that would be something to consider. I'm not quite sure how it would go though. However, my fallback position is always:

In Joss we trust.
For a while the plan was to go to 40 issues Allie explained, but Brad Meltzer's arcówhich begins after Jane Espenson's current arc endsówas so complicated that it might have to go an extra issue. Then, they will likely take a break, do some smaller projects and then move on to "Season Nine."

Just wanted to post in here that apparently the writer of this recap misquoted Allie. Meltzer's arc is not the last one. Meltzer is still writing the penultimate arc, then Joss will wrap up the season (as always, save Season 6).
Thanks for clarifying that.

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