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October 11 2009

Little Dawnie gets a little older! Michelle Trachtenberg turns 24 today! Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Michelle! Your acting talent really shines!
Happy Birthday, Michelle!!!
Michelle showed great acting skills from her start on Buffy at such a young age. And today she is one of the most recognized actors from the Buffyverse, mostly due to her guest spots on Gossip Girl. If anyone wants to watch a good Michelle Trachtenberg movie, I recommend Gregg Araki's Mysterious Skin.
Happy Birthday! have an awesome day
Happy birthday Michelle. Loving you on Mercy. Keep up the good work! :D
Happy birthday, Michelle!
@danielgm86 - While I agree that Gregg Araki's film, Mysterious Skin is a good film and Michelle does fine work in it, I would not recommend it so casually. It's a very difficult movie to watch at times, dealing with some seriously dark subject matter such as child molestation, gay prostitution and rape. Proceed with caution, an open mind and a strong stomach.

On topic, I often forget how young Michelle is, as she's grown up so fast, it seems. I hope she had a very happy birthday. She's the only reason why I occasionally tune in to Mercy, as her character is the only one I can stand and she is delightful in the role.

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