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October 11 2009

You Can Own Firefly's Serenity for Just $2,495. For Browncoats with a bit of extra cash to spare: Here's a high end replica of Firefly's Serenity. It looks fabulous, but you'll need a pretty solid bank account, because it's going for $2,495.

Ah sure....I'll buy two of them:)

Seriously though if I won the lotto I would!

BTW - there's a full list of specs + gallery on the official page.

One big boat. Our Serenity measures 19"x12"x7", or 1:180 scale. (stand adds 4.5")

Wireless remote. The Serenity Replica includes a wireless remote control to operate lights with a separate button for activating "hard burn. Lighting system automatically shuts down after 15 minutes to help protect the both the lights and model.

Geez, for that price, I'd expect it to reveal scale detailing of the actual sets, with an entire collection of scale action figures included.
I know many will be disappointed because there is nothing else out there for them, I believe, except a do-it-yourself paper model:
No resin or plastic model kit were made for fans and modelers.
However, there are 3D ornaments of Serenity (even a Reaverized version) by Dark Horse which are cheap ($23 at Amazon)
And QMx does have the Blueprints Reference Pack for $35,
This item, the 1:180 replica, was designed for the high end collector in the tradition of other similar items from the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, to name just two. I hope they sell all 1000 and send the message that Serenity is still a viable franchise. Also, please be aware, they are conscientiously offering "layaway" to help those who wish to spread payments over a number of months, thus providing greater opportunity to Browncoats who could not make a single payment to reserve one for themselves. I admire that.

Bob (Yarmouth, ME)
gonna play the lottery now
Buy some pots and pans instead, it worked for Dr Horrible.
It has the big damn heros on the bridge, it says? Are they removable? It would be awesome if the thing came with action figures of the entire crew.
Yes, it's a steep price, but like the article says making these replicas is an INTENSE job (little less than 50 hours on each).

And they're absolutely gorgeous (this is the replica that Nathan kissed at San Diego ComicCon).

It's screen-accurate... this isn't a throw-away toy, this is a collector piece. And when it's lit up you can hear the fans in the room gasp and shed a tears of joy...

QMx has always been about quality. This is their crowing achievement and, if you have the cash, is well worth the investment.

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That tittle hurt my heard; it's so unwieldy.
Me want!!!!!! Me poor!!!! Me cry!!!!
Wow! I thought it would be expensive, but not that expensive.
This or a new big damned HDTV, now I have to choose. :(
@Whistler- get Serenity. You'd never be sorry.
Got a museum? And a bunch of Browncoats?
Ohhh thank you deployment money! I'm ordering one.

[Edit] Wait, will they post it internationally?

[Edit 2] Yes, yes they will!

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Now if only the period ending this newspost were a decimal point, a couple of digits back... That, I could probably manage. Man, being a penniless library student sucks.

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