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October 11 2009

A man's "Castle". Nathan Fillion interview in IF Magazine. Talking about getting a second season, Firefly, and twittering.

I think Jay Leno has been a boon for ‘Castle’, I know a lot of people who never saw the first season but are hooked on it now. I hope that Heat Wave is selling well, I think it is a real page turner and can only help the show, and I do want this to be a huge hit for Nathan!
Nathan is great in Castle and he's super funny. I'd also love for this to be a hit.

#26 NY Times Best Sellers list Richard Castle's 'Heat Wave'

That is forever! Once you make the top 35 on the New York Times bestseller list, you are a New York Times bestselling author forever! Publishers get to put that on any future edition releases and books.

Richard Castle is now officialy a New York Times bestselling author!

I noticed on the Amazon listing for Heatwave that there is going to be an Audio Book. Sadly, Nathan is not listed as the reader. I think they're missing a golden opportunity.
I loved Nathan in Two Guys and girl and a pizza hut. Excellent stuff, Didn't he do more than one season of that?
IF you are Nathan fans you have to watch Slither. It is a very funny horror, and he plays a very Captain Renyolds caracter and the DVD extras with him are halirious. Yes i spelt that wrong, dont care.
Ker-blink. Can they really honestly say the book was written by Richard Castle? I guess... a psuedonym is acceptable, but a character that is known to be fictional?

I'm a little wide-eyed that the NYTimes Bestseller list wouldn't mention that Richard Castle is actually a fictional character. I can see going along with it, but the New York Times Bestseller list?

I really want to know who actually wrote it. Guess I'm not such a big fan of ghostwriting. Or whatever you would call this, since Richard Castle doesn't even represent a real person.
Is it really any different to any other author using a pen name?
I don't believe they ever mentioned Richard Bachman really being Steven King when those books hitg the NYT list. A number of authors regularly use pseudonyms that are used on the NYT list if their books sell that well. I'm sure someone will reveal the actual writer by and by, but there's no reason for the NYT to quarrel with the credits on the book cover.
Plenty of people publish under a different name. Ghostwriters enjoy the anonymity and everyone still gets paid. I learned that from my years at B&N.
I think it's all good - the writer gets the publicity of the fictional tv character and fans of the show are probably buying the book. If he/she was an unknown writer before this it is an instant boost for them to have a known product.

Nathan was the best thing about Two Guys & a Girl. I think the couple he was in kind of took over the show the last season or two it was on the air. Slither was a blast and I normally don't like gore filled movies. And he was also great as Joey on OLTL. Best Joey they ever had.
Johnny Heller will be Narrating the Audio Book. A Google search of his name reveals that he is the "cowriter" on a number of books, and narrates a great many audio books. I can't prove it, but it seems likely that Mr Heller was involved in the writing of Heat Wave. It just feels right, you know?

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