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October 16 2003

Buffy/Angel Thank You ad which appears in the new Hollywood Reporter (Weekly International Edition) and was paid for by the B/A Warriors, Ducks Babble Board and individual fans.

I admit I find this ad very odd. But hey it's nice people have that kind of money to throw around. Thanking actors and production is one thing but when you start paying to promote ships that's just weird.

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NO, thank YOU for making all Buffy and Angel fans look like swooning 14-year-olds who obsess over relationships that ended three years ago. That's just great. Wonderful image to project. I didn't know writing gushy fanfic paid that well. Hell, I'm ticked about Angel & Cordy but you don't see me obsessing with a full page ad in Hollywood Reporter.

This sums up my feelings pretty well:
I really do hate this ad. it just seems pointless, one big question is "WHY?". The relationship was 3 years ago, Buffy's been in two major relationships since then, Angel was in love with Cordy and now has a thing for a werewolf. The episode they refer to was nearly 5 months ago (gosh has it really been that long!), it's not like there's an Angel episode with SMG coming up, the extreme earliest we'll see that is the hundredth in January/February.
The ad makes all Buffyverse fans seem sad. It's one of the extremely rare moments I'm proud to be british, we'll never get anything like that here.
Now that's just tacky.
More money than sense?

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