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October 11 2009

BtVS Featured in "Most Scandalous TV Sex Scenes" list. Movieline's list of the most scandalous (network) TV sex scenes features a moment from "Buffy". Not necessarily the one you're thinking of.

How is not the one we're thinking of? This is exactly the scene that came to mind. Which scene were you talking about?
I'll be honest, I thought of Willow and Tara in OMWF.
What Xander said.
No, that was totally the one I was thinking of.
Smashed/Wrecked was my first guess. Tara in OMWF was second.
That season did get pretty raunchy. But if it had been on HBO it would have been considered "edgy". Those scenes are pretty pg compared to True Blood.
I didn't know that The Thorn Birds aired during Holy Week. That's funny.
Umm, that's pretty much the first, and often only, thing I think of when "Buffy" and "Sex" are used in a sentence together. Or when people say "Bring down the house." Or "Season 6." *sigh* I <3 Spuffy.

Also, what happened to fan videos? Fan videos in general; BtVS videos specifically When The Buffinator Awards disappeared and Youtube went global, it was like the quantity shot up exponentially but the quality died.
OK Good, everyone else was thinking of this exact same scene too.
Exactly the one I was thinking of as well .
That or dumpster sex.
Of course it would be this one... What? Were you thinking like Willow/Kennedy in Touched or something? They brought the freaking house down! Literally! There's no topping that.
Exactly the scene I was thinking of. It was the most erotic scene in all of Buffy.
You could make a case for Angel having underage sex with Buffy I suppose. I would imagine some people would see that as scandalous.
No, this was exactly the one I was thinking of as well, hehe.
Poor flutie. =p
Occurs to me I've hardly seen any of these Buffy "sex" scenes because they were likely cut from UK broadcast when it was shown at 6:45pm on BBC2, and I don't particularly remember watching the late night Friday repeats. Though I do remember watching Hush on Friday night.
That was totally the scene I was thinking of, although when I read "not necessarily the one you are thinking of" for half a second I thought it might be the scene where Buffy loses her virginity, for some reason.
Being a Swedish makes it frustrating to watch things like True Blood due to the tame sex scenes. It is almost as if sex is considered more offensive than violence! Thatís just wrong. If Buffy even had sex scenes is left to interpretation.
hence, to many (if not most) Americans, sex is considered more offensive than violence. I realize that is completely screwed up, but it is the result of our puritan origins and probably won't change any time soon.
I'm not sure which scene they meant. I guess they were refering to the "bring down the house" sequence at the end of Smashed, since that's the one they described.
But the video was a montage - and a pretty tame one at that. What, no dream sequence Spike in handcuffs? Someone wasn't really applying themselves. ;)
Yeah, itís a shame though because you seem to be quite good at it :) American filmmakers have become very adept at translating sexiness across the screen without always resorting to explicit nudity. Buffy is a good example of that, I think.
What I thought of too. After I saw your note, I thought of the episode in which Buffy is invisible. I think I remember something very R being implied.
That was definitely the first one that came into my mind, I remember watching it with my friend when we were 11-12 years old, our eyes where all most popping out!
I'm with everyone who thought this as well. Good times. hehe
I think the 'abusive foreplay' but is what earned it the 'scandalous' designation. Foreplay, afterplay, duringplay... most of it was on fire. Definitely the most 'out of the park' of the 'verse, even counting the many engagements in the DH.
Must admit when I think "scandalous" I guess I think more about e.g. the scene in (IIRC) 'Dead Things' in The Bronze. The sex is totally implied (apart from minor movements) but it's an unusual position (from behind) in a public setting and Buffy crying gives it a really weird, twisted vibe (the scenes in 'Gone' and 'Smashed'/'Wrecked' are more explicit but they're just sex - albeit quite, err, "rambunctious" ;) - not particularly scandalous IMO, unless you're scandalised by sex).
Yeah, when I think of "scandalous," I, too, think of the scene in "Dead Things." But bringing down the house was perhaps more momentous. (The unedited extended version, even if it just showed 3-4 seconds more of Buffy astride Spike did strike me as pretty scandalous, though. I understand why they edited it for airing.)
Yeah SImon, I thought of Angel and Buffy too...her barely 17 and he a nice ripe 243! But the Wrecked/Smashed one is just kinda bad...I never really appreciated the violence in that...sorry guys! And if not B/A then Faith devirginaing Xander would have rang to mind...or Oz and Veruca's animal sex would have hit the violent button too....
Like Rhodey, I was thinking of dumpster sex (that is the only one that really surprised me).
Dumpster sex?? Why don't I remember that?

(You never really want to hear yourself say that... but in this context I think it's OK. Someone refresh my memory?)

I thought of Smashed first as well. I don't know about scandalous but it's the most intense and memorable sex scene in the series IMO.
That's exactly the one I was thinking about :)
How is not the one we're thinking of? This is exactly the scene that came to mind.

Ditto. :)
catherine, they're talking about Doublemeat palace.
Next to the dumpster, not in it.
Oh right. Thanks. I'd forgotten there was a dumpster there. Yeah, that scene was more sad than anything else. What a weird episode that was. (In a good way... I really liked it!)
Some might think the Willow/Tara sex scene was scandalous, but I thought it was more "about damned time!" and rather tame by comparison. The particular episode (i.e. "Seeing Red") had a lot of good things going for it, and one rather large bit of badness, so much so it still generates fanfic resurrections by the score.
Adding my vote for the "Dead Things" sex scene as the first one that came to mind. That was really twisted.
Since I thought it wouldn't be any of the Spike-Buffy scenes, my money was on the Buffy/Riley marathon in "Where the Wild Things Are," just for the sheer quantity of it.

The "Smashed" scene is gut-wrenching. The things we do, just to feel something....

Now I'm curious; which scene were you thinking of, flutie?
Yep, the "Dead Things" sex scene in the Bronze is definitely more scandalous.
I sort of suspected that scene too. I suppose the attempted rape might be pretty unusually brutal if that counts as a sex scene...

And there was also I suppose the scene in Gone where Spike has sex with an invisible Buffy in front of one of her friends?
orangewaxlion, I think part of the whole problem was that Spike thought it was a sex scene and Buffy didn't. Which means it wasn't.
Other than the invisible b.j. in "Gone", this is the first thing I had in mind, for sure.
Totally the scene I was thinking of.... Smashed was eye-poppingly intense.
For the record, I was just trying to make it interesting by saying that.

How would it have gone if I'd said "and yes, it's the one you're thinking of"?
We'd all have believed you were psychic and probably paid you lots of money for next week's lottery numbers (just for future reference).

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