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October 12 2009

Congratulations to Our Mrs. Reyn- er, Arend! On Sunday, Christina Hendricks married her fiancÚ Geoffrey Arend, to whom she was introduced earlier this year by Mad Men costar Vincent Kartheiser.

Well, that's ruined my week. *grits teeth* Congratulations to them both.

I thought she had a thing for Brian Lynch?
Congrats to the new couple (which includes the Luckiest Guy On Earth tonight ...)
If I were a ring rep, I might refrain from implying by comparison that my clients were "simple and lovely". Just sayin'.

I wish them both the best. In a very impersonal and unlikely-to-be-read fashion, of course.
Congratulations to Geoffrey Arend and best wishes to Christina!

I do hope there will be pictures. Although I don't normally go in for celebrity weddings, the idea of Christina in a Caroline Herrera wedding gown makes me tremendously curious.
Congratulations, Christina, and a lifetime of joy to you!
Some photos have been posted here. There's a total of 16 photos, and she looks simply gorgeous! So radiant!

Congratulations Christina and Geoffrey!
She married the guy who invented Vesuvius? Awesome! Okay, I might have watched a lot of Greek lately. Congrats!
Oooh, thank you for the link to pictures. She does look absolutely lovely, and the setting looks beautiful too. Hope they have a long, happy life together!
Very pretty! Love the henna and earrings...
She's just doing it to make me jealous. It is working.
Aww, poor Brian! I have a shoulder you can cry on. In fact...I have two. They're very single.

Very interesting bridesmaid gowns. I'll have to take the time to look the pictures over better when I get home from work.

Love that the chandelier is now theirs.
Congrats and all the best! :)

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