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October 12 2009

(SPOILER) Promotional Photos for Dollhouse 2x05 "The Public Eye". This episode features Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau's first appearance. It will air October 30th.

Sling sling sling, sling. SLING SLING. Sling.
Is it me or does Summer look really different somehow? Maybe it's the regular person clothes.
So, after seven years we again have the pleasure of an Alexis/Summer-episode!

And Summer's hand... boy, what a mind-bender. I'm just gonna link my hunch about that here, but this storyline is rapidly becoming my most anticipated one this season. The sixth episode is called .

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I predict Adelle will, at some point, say to Summer: "No, I am your mother".

(OK, wrong hand. Still...)
(OK, wrong hand. Still...)

It's the wrong one for the other two guys too. (Which is kinda the point episode six seems to be addressing.)
I guess they don't have comfy mind-wipe chairs in DC.. Restrains though. Hm.
Also, just to make this episode more yummy, I'll add that in this episode we can expect to see:

- Stacy Scowley (Daniel Perrin's wife from "Instinct")
- Miracle Laurie
- Keith Carradine
- and one Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon

And it was written by Andrew Chambliss ("A Spy in the House of Love").
Spy is one of my favourite episodes of the first season. You know, along with Needs and Epitaph One. And Man on the Street. Andrew is also an awesome kind guy you should all worship with gifts.
A Spy in the House of Love was one of the best eps in Season 1, so that's very good.

<understatement> Also, that's a pretty decent list of guest stars. </understatement>
I gotta say - I was so happy to see Alexis again this season. And seeing him and Eliza together - makes my little Angelverse heart jump for joy:)
Spy was a fantastic episode -- I'm expecting great things. Silly baseball getting in the way!

Ominous Black Glove... how exciting!
OK, what is it with the single black glove?

I'm thinking a Whedon homage to "Dr. Strangelove":
Yep, Riverine, and the other reference I'm getting is Rotwang from "Metropolis": Like Dr. Strangelove he was a scientist that political power ultimately failed to control. (Talk about a theme for season 2.) Rotwang was actually building robots and lost his hand while doing so.
WOW! Look at that guess cast for "The Public Eye". All I can say is...must see! :)
Oooh, Summer looks really creepy.
This is very, very exciting.

wiesengrund, that is very interesting. Rotwang also built a robot that he lost control over (losing control over the technology we create seems to be a theme in Dollhouse.)

Am I wrong or is that teal colored sweater the same one that Eliza wore in the unaired pilot?

Yay for Eliza and Alexis!

ETA for spelling wiesengrund's name wrong. Must just copy and paste from now on!

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- and one Maurissa Tancharoen Whedon

Only one?
Must. Control. FIST OF DEATH!!!
And maybe there's even some tangible connection between Dr. Strangelove's survival plan about the mines and Epitaph One's portrayal of the Dollhouse as an underground hiding place from the apocalypse above ground. (It wouldn't be the first time the show referenced nuclear apocalpyse. And there's still the image of a place you're not in, the most vicious prison, killing you with gas.)
There were also passages under Rotwang's house. Don't the workers meet there in secret ?

It's the wrong one for the other two guys too. (Which is kinda the point episode six seems to be addressing.)

Ah, OK (I hadn't looked at your invisitext wiesengrund). Always a favourite for that sort of point though, sinister (as opposed to dexter). Those're interesting references, got the ring of truth to them.

That said, i'm still wondering about a Terminator connection (assuming Summer's not actually playing a Jedi knight ;), whether the name Bennett is a deliberate nod to Miles Bennett Dyson, one of the guys - inadvertently - instrumental in creating Skynet (but then it might only go as far as the name, as a little Easter Egg for Summer/T:TSCC fans). He was a hardware guy right enough. Possible pure coincidence I suppose.

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I'm glad to see others following my lead...
Ominous Black Glove... how exciting!

Didn't Fringe do that with Nina last season?
lt will be interesting to see how Eliza Alexis and Summer play off each other in this episode.
Very cool pictures! My prediction is that Bennett isn't happy at all with Echo evolving and is gonna try and wipe that right outta her! Very creepy stuff and I find the glove very intriguing. Iím so excited!
Creepy Summer! Looking forward to seeing her act "normal". My prediction is one of her dolls went all crazy town on her. That seems too simple, so I'm sure it's something else.
Eh, I suspect that it's just a hand of blue.
BTW, is her gloved hand also in a sling? It's held up in all three pictures, the second two pictures you can see what could possibly be a black leather strap round her neck, and in the third picture her hand particularly looks to be in an odd position. Might just be my imagination, though.
nope.. it's a sling... hence gossi's comment...
Sling sling sling, sling. SLING SLING. Sling.

Is there going to be a creepy reveal towards the end of the season where she takes her glove off?
Well, it depends what's under the glove. If it's a normal hand then it'd just be a reveal.
Is there going to be a creepy reveal towards the end of the season where she takes her glove off?

flugufrelsarinn | October 13, 16:24 CET

Well, it depends what's under the glove. If it's a normal hand then it'd just be a reveal.

Saje | October 13, 16:36 CET

I'm rooting for a tentacle.
Yep, defiantly a tentacle. I can tell. From the pictures. Notice you don't see her feet either.....

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