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October 12 2009

All 13 episodes of Dollhouse season two to air. So says Fox scheduling chief Preston Beckman. That's the good news. Quotes from Joss and friends for the rest. We'll see. (Edit - by we'll see I meant we will see what happens - not if they will actually air).

O frabjous day! Calloo! Callay!
So, we can put the picnic basket and blankets away for now?

This reeks of awesomeness.
Well that's a small relief. If they can give the show a sense of closure with the (probably small) chance of renewal then it wont feel incomplete like Firefly did before Serenity came along.

It is a shame about the numbers though. 10 eps left to build em up!
In fairness, Preston, I never thought you would burn in hell over Dollhouse. I just want you to advertise it. Pweese! I'll make you food! Okay, I'll buy you food, since making food is a threat when it comes to me. (Nobody ask me about the food poisioning incident of Xmas 08).
Goodness gracious!
AAAHHH!! Okay, I'm excited over this. Woo!
Good news!!! But no reason to cease our efforts to get the word out!
Drat - why can't writers delete their own stories.
I kind of love how terrified of the fans they sound. Is that bad?

At this point, I think 13 eps of season two are all we can ask for. I'd be happy with that. And hey, maybe the ratings will somehow double in size and we'll get another miracle pick up.
Good news - at least I can breathe a little easier now. Now, let's starting working on that S3 renewal - just joking ..... (sort of)!
I didn't expect that. My faith in executives is restored once again. Thanks TV people.
I don't know. Some show on FOX. *Shrugs*
It's a house. Made out of dolls. Duh.
I kinda think Preston sounds like a great guy with a healthy sense of humor. Good for him and yay for this wonderful news!
I suspect some of you now believe me about Kevin Reilly ;).
@zeitgeist - no never, never, I say!

I know gossi doesn't, but to be fair he's probably busy polishing his Emmy :).
So I can put away my voodoo dolls of Fox execs?

Or maybe the voodoo worked, and I should stick more pins in?

Confused now!

(And I have said it a few times before but I'll say it again. We have seen on more then a few occasions that the Fox guys have been decent, straight, people and not gone back on their word. No one expects them to renew a show that is loss making, but they have treated it fairly and we can't complain.
But a bit more promotion wouldn't go amiss.....)
Thank the Gods.

Now Dollhouse, get really good and attract more fans. Please.
Honestly, I'd almost prefer a third season of 13 rather than a back nine for season two.

But it would be nice to have some sort of stability in that decision, so people are able to schedule other projects between those shorter seasons. ;)
Also, they have been running Dollhouse ads during House.
That's what I said last season--I'd be happy with short, focused, 13-ep seasons.
But a back nine would also get us more Acker much faster.
Bix, I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not, but it would be unlikely to produce 13 for a full Fall season show.

:P zeitgeist.
Did I fall asleep?

This is great news!
Oh, I just reread the story. (did I mention being asleep?).

Anyway. Uhm. The good news is they're airing them. The bad news deciding on renewal after closing down production (aka getting rid of peeps) is... Bad news.

I'm happy we're gonna see the eps. I am. But, well, the industry makes me sad.
Three gleemoticons and a "Feel better, Joss!"
I'm not being sarcastic. I support shorter seasons for a lot of shows that don't currently use them.
I hope FOX sticks to Beckman's statement and runs the 13 episodes - and without waiting months between episodes. Sometimes networks say one thing and do another (Southland, anyone?).

While 13 great episodes is better than an uneven season of 22, the season has been uneven already and if they can find their stride again a season of 22 is preferable. In the UK and on cable, 13 episode series is normal, but on broadcast is not looked upon favorably as far as a "success" is measured.

The last episode was fantastic. I hope Joss and the gang are encouraged by the upswing in DVR numbers this past week and keep up the good work.
Is there any way a decision could be made earlier if the numbers get significantly better?

[ edited by Rhodey on 2009-10-13 01:27 ]
I agree. I say five full seasons of 13 episodes each. It's really the way to go. Just look at HBO. Not comparing the quality per se, but still.
Sometimes networks say one thing and do another (Southland, anyone?).

Southland happened at post Kevin Reilly NBC ;).
I hope FOX sticks to Beckman's statement and runs the 13 episodes - and without waiting months between episodes.

Well, if you notice, he also said that they might have to air other things during November sweeps to jack up their numbers. So, people should prepare for the possibility of another hiatus.
I doubt they would stick to their plan of making the decision after closing down production if Dollhouse's ratings improved to the point that FOX would renew it. If it's starting to make financial sense for them to keep Dollhouse they're going to want more episodes.
Also, don't presume an S3 would be a Fall show. So far, S2 as a Fall show is performing worse than S1 as a Winter/Spring show. They could always renew for an S3 and make it a short Winter/Spring or Spring/Summer run instead.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-10-13 01:36 ]
@The One True b!X - someone somewhere (what? I'm sleep deprived) said that the UK 5-6 episodes per season is often too short to develop in-depth storylines whilst the US 22 episode seasons produce too many filler epsiodes and artificially inflated storylines. Solution? Around 13 episodes would fall right in the middle - long enopugh for the story to be developed but not so long that has to be padded out.

I just wish I could remember said this!
The 13 episode airing arrangement has been signed in blood, right?
I mean, this is great news and a very savvy PR move on FOX's part, but I'm reading an awful lot of subtext between those lines.
But then, I've not slept for 2 days so may just be a little loco.
I'm just delighted to hear that all 13 will air.

It might help if, during November sweeps, they had a decent lead-in for the show (and the aforementioned promotion) to jack up numbers, instead of a potential hiatus. But I say again, I'm just delighted to hear that all will air.
/agree catalyst2.
Didn't FOX say the same thing about Firefly? I'm not getting my hopes up.
We're bringing Firefly into this? Seven years later? Again? C'mon...
None of the same execs are there; let's not get sentimental for the days when Fox really did wrong our beloved shows. I mean it's still the tv biz, but Reilly is still the best shot a show has to get a fair chance.
(Putting away my Preston Beckman voodoo doll)
The 13 eps will air. I've heard that from elsewheres. As to more, eh, we'll see. Epitaph Two, please.
Back 9 please, but I'll take what I can get.
Super excited!! Z- I have love for the Reilly Man as well. You have to give it to Fox...they really have no reason to air the show with the numbers being down. Thank the gods for DVR helping out a bit!! I'm super excited and very grateful to them. And yes, they are totally DIFFERENT execs. than the ones who burned us with Firefly. And woo hoo for promos!!!
Fantabulous? Is that still in, or should I switch to something more retch? ;)

Now let's all go celebrate the goodness with Joss n' Peeps in LA this Friday (10/16)! WOOT.
Now let's all go celebrate the goodness with Joss n' Peeps in LA this Friday (10/16)! WOOT.

All? So you're paying my way down, then?
They get to finish their arcyness! YAYZ!!
All? So you're paying my way down, then?

Sure... if you live in the same zip code as me.

Whatever happened to spirit teleportation?
Wasn't production on S1 shut down for a while before the decision was made to renew? Not saying the shutting down production is a good sign, but at least for Dollhouse's history it's not necessarily a bad one.
Joss add some funny!
I'm so happy to hear this :D

At least we'll see all 13 air and get some sense of closure if the show ends after that. Id love to have 9 more episodes and of course s3 (s4 & s5) but this is still great. I hope FOX promote the hell outta the next 3 episodes because they look epic.
I'm just happy to hear the worst case scenario (Dollhouse being pulled before all 13 eps of the order are filmed) is now ruled out. Also, it's encouraging that the ratings improved (slightly), and the dvr is still fairly strong. Now we just need to boost these ratings over the next 10 episodes and convince Fox to give us more Dollhouse!
Trick now is to not become complacent. If we can really keep up the promoting and continue to advocate for the Save Dollhouse campaigns, than we might be able to get those ratings up to the modest levels Fox was hoping for. I know a lot of people haven't been thrilled with the first 3 episodes this season, but it's still early in the game. I don't think we've seen nothin' yet.

Getting 13 episodes of a second season was a miracle, and I must admit I'm even sort of surprised that all 13 episodes are going to air. They are being very fair. I don't think those back 9 are out of the question yet, and neither is the possibility of a 3rd season.

In addition to fan generated influences, these upcoming episodes may be good enough to draw in some audience on their own accord, ala Man on the Street. I certainly think Summer Glau's appearance will help, maybe pull in some of the Terminator fans.

But even if 13 is all we ever get, I am extremely thankful to the people at Fox for giving us what I believe is shaping up to be an excellent second season. Last seasons finale was not in any position to give me a sense of closure. Had that been the last episode, I would have been devastated. But Joss knows where things stand, and as he has guaranteed enough closure to account for the real possibility of the end, I can at least stop worrying.

And just stick with Hoping.
The 13 eps will air. I've heard that from elsewheres. As to more, eh, we'll see. Epitaph Two, please.

Would you say this news makes it more or less likely that we'll see more eps beyond this 13?

Also, I'm wondering if it's set in stone that they won't be deciding the show's fate until after all these eps are done or if they might decide earlier if the ratings improve.
Few things are set in stone - if it suddenly starts getting a 3.0 share, there will no doubt be talking ahead of season end. But there's not much use in speculating endlessly... Er, wait, I mean please speculate endlessly; that's why Whedonesque exists ;).
The fact that FOX is now starting to advertise the next episodes and is sending screeners out tells us that FOX at least hasn't given up on the show yet. We're not done for yet
The ratings would have to improve very quickly indeed for us to get a back nine. Basically all 13 eps should be done in about, what, eight more weeks or so? But if they were going to get a back nine, they'd have to be writing and prepping future eps before the 13th was finished filming, wouldn't they? So the decision would have to be made several weeks before they finished. I can't see the ratings up 50% or so in the next four or five weeks, despite the slight uptick we got this week.
I don't see this piece of news as great considering it is more likely the show won't go any further than these 13 episodes if they make a decision after production is shut down. Seems like company PR to keep people watching the show, who otherwise would stop if they believed it was about to be cancelled. And we already knew all 13 episodes would be produced anyway so we'd see them on DVD very soon. The real postive thing that could come from this is if ratings have a huge increase due to good advertisement and public knowledge that the show is not gonna be cancelled at least until it has all produced episodes aired. I highly doubt the show was brought back because executives didn't want to be called "assholes".
I just noticed the part of the article that implies that Dollhouse might be off the air during November sweeps. Hopefully if the next two eps continue to show an upward trend, that won't be the case.
I'll take what I can get.

Also, Joss, what's up? You seem to perpetually have a cold. It makes me the sad for you. (Said the girl with undiagnosed chronic sinusitis.)

And just in case anybody didn't know - gossi is the man.
I agree about Joss always seeming to be sick, but it worries me more than makes me sad. Hope things are okay with him.
I think he works really long hours. It's not surprising that he'll have colds fairly often. I wouldn't worry too much
This is good. Hopefully the ratings continue to go up over the next ten episodes so we get a back nine or (preferably) another season of 13 episodes.
I am all in agreement with Dawnfire87 - this is FABULOUS news and I am very excited, but now the trick is not to become complacent! Let's continue promoting the show however we can, because if the ratings climb up beyond the modest numbers FOX is looking for we can keep the show on the air during the November sweeps and maybe even secure a back 9 or third season of 13.

I must say I'm also digging the way Rhodey thinks - if a back 9 gets us more Acker more quickly, I'm all kinds of hoping for that back 9. ;)
Gossi and Team Dollhouse - this is down to you guys. Thanks. :)
Sweet! What about the other 9 then? (no, I'm never satisfied, I'll always want more...)
Can't they use baseball to show some reruns? If they're airing primetime on the east coast, that means it'll be over on the west coast. So show some Dollhouse, and it'd sort of have a decent lead in. Get the cast to a game (preferably game 4 when I'm there ;). Promote it, promote it, promote it. I want more than 13.
This makes me very happy. 26 episodes (well, plus 1 if you want to include "Echo") isn't amazing, but it's something.

Today (Monday) was Canadian Thanksgiving Monday; something else to be thankful for!
Thanksgiving was last month in the UK (it's when the Mayflower set sail. Badum dum ;).

Really nice that they reassured Joss as soon as the first numbers came in, that must've been a weight off his shoulders. Can't wait to see how they finish out the 13 eps, will they go more closurey or more open-but-with-closure-ish (just in case) ?

Also, is there a good sounding cold ? I mean, do other people get colds that make them sound healthier ? Cos I want one of those.

(and I hadn't heard of Preston Beckman before today but i'm at least willing to entertain the possibility that he's not an asshole. And i'm also fairly sure he's not gonna burn in hell either)
Goodness gracious, this show just won't die! It's like a prize fighter staggering to its feet to mount comeback after comeback, just when you think its out for the count.

What good news to wake up to!
Re production shut-down: While I think it's virtually impossible for the show to survive with numbers like now (thanks Fox for letting it play out!), S1 wrapped production in early February. And got renewed in the middle of May. That's more than three months where the set was taking up one whole sound stage and the crew was out of work.

It's been done before. :) But I guess this will only matter if we bring the show back to that 1.5 Live+SD rating in the course of the coming weeks.
it is a pity that Joss seems to have a cold so often- i imagine it frequently counts him out of the giant cast and crew group hug that happens every day before shooting.
Just finished watching House here in Los Angeles. Went through the recording twice. No Dollhouse ad whatsoever. Why did we think there was one?
Actually, yeah, I just realised season one started production for fall originally and then ended up midseason. Two is shooting into December. I think they may actually be able to shoot a bit longer than that, more on that soon hopefully.

I'm happy. Having actually slept on it it's good news. Not getting the back 9 for a fall show is always a sign the numbers are down; and, well, the numbers ARE down. Partly Fox's fault, but hey. I'm hoping they go up over the remaining episodes. If the numbers creep up, they'll think about more. If they don't, we got to see how the (show)world ends.

[ edited by gossi on 2009-10-13 09:22 ]
I just hope we get backstory on some of the other characters before it's over.

I really want to know how Boyd and Victor ended up in the Dollhouse.
Why are Fox being so nice? Networks aren't usually like this. Ever.
Because the show will be profitable, Simon. And also the staff at networks aren't Darth Vader. The potential of taking it off at sweeps times, for the fan base, could be troubling. Because if they start taking it off air for weeks at a time, I can see people not being happy. But hey.
Every week off is one week more for us to get new people to tune in. :)
Well, I will be happy with just a 13 episode season. I prefer 13 episodes.
If Joss is writting closure right now, it won't be cool for him to write another 9 in a few months, and then nothing more.

So, looking forward to see those episodes, and only then, worry about Season 3 :)
I'm definitely happy about this, because I'm getting too old to go through worrying every single week about what's going to happen if the ratings don't go up. It's not good for my heart or my complexion.

But I am a little tired of every article I read mentioning Whedon fans like we're an angry rabid mob out to lynch people. I mean, it might be true, but then you'd think they be more afraid of pissing us off like that.
>>Why are Fox being so nice? Networks aren't usually like this. Ever.

I smell ambush.

Its an interesting world when it is the fear of fans that gets a network to air all episodes of a show they have already paid for... :/
Its an interesting world when it is the fear of fans

I get the feeling that was said just to keep us happy. I really don't think we're that vocal or powerful compared to the fan groupings of other tv shows or films.
Great news! The November sweeps part, not so much. Losing continuity is never a good thing. Hopefully DH wont be off for the full month. What would they replace it with, anyhow?

What I'd love to see in November is DH still on, but with a good lead in - even reruns of something really popular. Fringe would be a perfect fit.
I'm glad to hear that not only is Fox planning to run all 13, they are ALSO (finally) advertising it! I thank Eliza's mini media blitz for getting the ratings up a bit, but I'm not sure the fans (us scary fans) can actually do much to raise the ratings.
This is good news. The main worry I had when gossi sent the flare up was that the full order wouldn't get made. This way the writers have advanced warning that 13 will probably be their lot and they can make sure their story is told.

Forgive me for my ignorance, but what and when are the November Sweeps (besides being in November, I assume)?
flugufrelsarinn: 'Sweeps' is a period of time when the networks and studios who produce TV roll out 'event programming' designed to draw in new viewers. This can come in form of 'stunt casting', drawing in legitimate 'big name' guest stars to take part in a show, or the presentation of major story arcs that take place over multiple episodes.
I think the advertising department should come at it from a different angle. Obviously what they have done up to now isnt enough. I know everyone has been complaining about the lack of promos and advertising in general but I dont think thats the issue. I've seen the promos and commercials and frankly they didn't entice me to want to watch the show. Obviously I'm watching but it struck me as odd that they didnt pique my interest.

In short, I think its time to try a new strategy. Maybe present the show as an action show or as a mystery or even give it the procedural treatment--some may claim that's false advertising but I say, who cares? If it will get us more eyes, its worth the risk of being immoral.

Who here wouldn't be a little immoral to gain viewers?

And just in case anybody didn't know - gossi is the man.

So he keeps telling us- and then telling us he's not; he's schizophrenic that way ;).

Just finished watching House here in Los Angeles. Went through the recording twice. No Dollhouse ad whatsoever. Why did we think there was one?

Sorry, I didn't mean this week, I was talking about during the majorly hyped season premiere and, I believe, ep 2.
...And also the staff at networks aren't Darth Vader...

Everyone forgets that Vader killed the Emperor and saved the Galaxy. ;D
I am speechless!

I'm pretty sure I've been clear on the interwebs I'm a fat guy who works for a tuna company in the UK, zeitgeist.
Ah, but are you dolphin friendly though ?
Question: what is the reasoning for pulling Dollhouse off the air during sweeps? Does Fox have something new to run in its place? I wish they'd hype the hell out of it and see if the ratings improve, given (they hope) more viewership overall during that time. But I'm not a network exec, and I don't know how they make these decisions.
As great as this news is, I do hope that it doesn't cause us to get complacent and slack off on our efforts to get the word out there. We still need to do everything we can to get people watching, in case there's still a chance that the ratings could improve enough to get a back 9 or even a season 3. I'm not ready to give up on that just yet.
The rationale for pulling the show for sweeps is in the hope of airing something that is capable of pulling better numbers. Truthfully they don't need anything new - I suspect re-runs of House/Bones could out-perform Dollhouse. There's also been rumours of finding a spot to air re-runs of Glee.
We could always do our own November sweeps. Quick, someone get Miracle a webcam and a broom.
Another day of good news. Hopefully we'll get more good news in the coming weeks and the numbers for the show will continue to rise enough for a third season.
Ah, but are you dolphin friendly though ?

Ah, now the tough questions come out! Answer that one, gossie* if that is your real name ;)

Yes, I spelled it with an 'e', it's an 'in-joke'.
It's nice they're specifically mentioning that they're not out to screw the fans over. Refreshing for a network, really.
Ah, now the tough questions come out! Answer that one, gossie* if that is your real name ;)

I'm like the Woodward and Bernstein of the fish world.
Okay - so here's me thinking only about meselves here. If Fox pull eps for sweeps, the UK could end up being in front of the US!
That depends on how many. ;)
B!x - stop using numbers and sense on me, you know that doesn't work!
I think we may only be two episodes behind by the first week of November.
I believe that is correct.
Ah! Okay then, thanks Simon. (Bottom, I wanted to have some fun gloating, like that time with BSG ;)).
Well, that would mean if they replace Dollhouse twice in November, we'd be roughly in sync. Sweeps is a month long, so it's not impossible.
We'd only be 4 days behind then! That would be nice in some ways. Not that I would wish no-dollhouse-month on anyone!
Or Sci-Fi will take a break too.
FOX will very likely have a 'first run' clause in international agreements, so international would (and frankly will) go into repeats/off air in that situation. If FOX haven't got that clause in, expect Dollhouse to become an instant BitTorrent hit in the US.
There was an episode of Buffy that aired in Canada before the US IIFC. And that was because of a delay in the US.
Oh, well, that will probably swing it as an argument for keeping it on air then. I'll keep that in my back pocket.
Was that Graduation Day, pt. 2?
I wasn't aware until I looked, but it starts on Scifi on the 20th with a double bill, first two eps.
Looking at it I think Dollhouse has to go into reruns some weeks anyway as Fox aren't going to have enough new episodes completed to actually air up till Christmas (for 13 episodes).

One thing I will say about Preston's comments to James Hibberd - I think he's spot on about social media making the Joss fan base seem bigger than it actually is. It's not necessarily a bad thing; if a network/studio/whatever knows that going into a project, they can advertise according and count for the vocal fan support in addition. One of the things I think Big Media still sucks at is figuring out how to embrace passionate fandoms for useful purposes. I think a lot of the time the strategy is to throw up a forum and leave them; which isn't really a... strategy.

[ edited by mortimer on 2009-10-15 14:39 ]

[ edited by mortimer on 2009-10-15 14:39 ]
Meanwhile, there is a new episode slated for December 18 (which matches the idea that they're going to show them all), and back-to-back encore episodes on December 25.
To be clear, this info isn't saying Dollhouse returns on Dec. 18 after going away for November (I've seen some people ask if that's what it is saying). It's just that FOX announced their holiday (Dec.) schedule today.
You got a link to that info, b!X?
Not at the moment, no.

ETA that as far as I know this is what we currently know about the Dollhouse schedule.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2009-10-14 23:29 ]
Sci Fi wire just posted that Fox will start airing new eps on dec 4 and the series will finish but it is canceled

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