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October 12 2009

Marc Blucas joins the cast of 'Lie to Me' tonight in a recurring role. Shawn Ryan tweeted, "New episode of LieToMe tonight! Buffy alum Marc Blucas guest stars and we introduce a new visual device we call "Lightman POV" or L-Povs!"

Is this show any good? I havn't watched yet, but to be honest I havn't hear much buzz about it.
If you like Tim Roth, you'll like the show. However I am so over the head tilt of his, I keep wondering if he has neck problems. I like the show but it has never been a must see. Lot of verse connections in it with Shawn being the show runner and Craft & Fain being writer/producers.
I wasn't a huge Tim Roth fan and I really enjoy it. This season has been a bit meh for me, but last week's with James Marsters proved more awesome than the first episode of the season.
I love their guest stars this season. First, Marsters and Gretchen Egolf from Journeyman, now Blucas, next week Garret Dillahunt, and the one after that Jericho's Lennie James.

Shawn Ryan, consider me spoiled.

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I think Lie To Me has improved a lot since it started. Fain and Craft seem to be an asset.
Great episode. And Marc with facial hair! Interesting look for him - makes him look a bit less baby faced (which isn't a bad thing, but for his new character I can see why).
I find the cast dynamics on this show a bit weird, and I think the shtick can wear one down. I love Brendan Hines (Eli Loker), though.

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