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October 12 2009

Gina Torres on "FlashForward" Ep. "137 Sekunden". I just finished my weekend Hulu queue, and was surprised to see a member of the 'Verse on ABC's FlashForward.

Yeah, it seems to me there was no thread to announce it when it aired, and I was taken totally by surprise when she appeared.
I think I knew, but forgot, and I wasn't looking at the screen when it happened. But the voice was immediately clear.
I wasn't surprised when I read her name at the bottom of the screen for some reason, but I was surprised how awesome her storyline appears to be.
I was suprised too.
The best part is that it looks like a multiple episode arc.
Yeah, looks like she'll be back. Must say i'm quite enjoying the show so far, pretty much all the storylines are worth watching IMO.

And my money's on the fine structure constant having something to do with it BTW, 137 is a big number in physics. Approximately ;).
Ah, and Arthur Eddington is Suspect Zero then? Awesome. :)

(ETA: And lest we forget that the fine structure constant is denoted by α.)

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So maybe is Suspect Zero ?

(i've narrowed it down to Bohr, Eddington, Pauli or Feynman. I'm hoping they find more film of Suspect Zero playing the bongos during the blackout, that'd be pretty definitive ;)
I'm really enjoying this show, I hope it's doing well in the ratings.
Joseph Fines staring in a network genre show is definitely a good thing, and it looks as if Gina's role could be a reoccurring one.

Dominic Momaghan is also in an upcoming ep, or actually joing the cast. Not certain but I hope it's the latter.

Bonus for BSG fans: Michael Rhymer directed this last ep.
Gina caused one of two squees when I saw her name in the credits. The other was Thomas Kretschmann; his squee was accompanied by fangirl claps. ;)

Gina's role looks more reoccurring though. And since FlashForward got a full season pickup, I hope we'll get to see her character's future realised. :)
That's one of the things I like about it - the premise has some answers built-in to the show before the end of season (for, in fact, around sweeps week but let's not be cynical ;).

(obviously they won't answer everything and something else - possibly another other blackout - will presumably occur to kick them into next season but we'll at least find out e.g. whether the future can be changed, whether the visions are true, how they came to happen within the narrative etc. Dimitry's story is a strong one in that respect because there're so many ways they can go with it without actually revealing much about the "big mystery")
This seems as good a place as any to note that Simon Helberg is in A Serious Man. His role made me laugh.
Joseph Fines staring in a network genre show is definitely a good thing

Intersting, I found him to be the biggest weak spot of the show. While I am (to a varying degree) entertained by the other performances and the plot, his acting always takes me out of the episode.
I think he's fine in it personally. It's hard to tell if he's just fine or if his somewhat dour, restrained character isn't giving him much chance to show his chops (and in general I think he's a good actor i.e. better than "just fine", although maybe not - yet - quite as able as his big brother. If it's not the character then maybe he's struggling to act through the accent ?).

What I find very slightly distracting is the knowledge that Fiennes and Sonya Walger (who plays his wife) are both English acting with American accents. Dunno why, it's just something that always comes to mind whenever they're in scenes together.

(and on that topic, great to see Jack Davenport back on telly too)
(and on that topic, great to see Jack Davenport back on telly too)

Oh yes, that one took me by surprise too. I jumped out of the chair. Unhealthy Coupling-obsession was back in a second.
Gina mentioned this role in her Geeks On interview.

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