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October 13 2009

Celebrating Angel's 10th Anniversary. In the first part of this retrospective, a Sequential Tart writer looks back the show, the characters and the episodes they loved the best.

Good top see someone else acknowledging AtS's 10th. Also pleased to see someone else who appreciates what a superb character Wesley was and how nicely Spike fitted into the show.

I have to admit I'd also would have loved for Wes to have been permanently resserected in 'After the Fall' as it still seems odd reading the new comics and not seeing his name on the page.

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Big Wesley Fan:)
Glad to see people recognising Angel's milestone.
Good, though I don't think "penultimate" means what she thinks it means. :)
Yay for the Wesley love! :)

...although her list does include what is pretty much my least favourite episode in all of Buffyverse ;)
I can not disagree with anything in the article, and even though I have cried buckets over Spike in Buffy, and still do, what got me the most in Angel was Wes/Fred/Illyria. Those two scenes with Fred dying and then the Lie to Me when Wes is dying just get me every time. Spike is my favorite from both shows, but Wes, Illyria, and Lindsey are close behind. But have to say if Angelus is on screen good times are had by me.

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