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October 16 2003

Baseball game on Fox hits Angel overnights. According to Zap2it, 'Unleashed' got 3.1/5 and Media Week gave it 4.2/6.

So the overnights so far are:

Mediaweek: Conviction 4.4/7 Just Rewards 4.7/7 Unleashed 4.2/6

Zap2it: Conviction 3.8/6 Just Rewards 3.7/6 Unleashed 3.1/5

According to, Angel tripled Jake 2.0 in the fast national 18-49 demographic. Poor David Greenwalt.
Jake 2.0 is a pretty promising, fun series. Aside from Carnivale, it's the only new show I stuck with this season. I wish David Greenwalt would pull double duty and write a bit more Angel. I know he was with the franchise since Buffy Season 1, but I can't understand not wanting to see your creation through to the end. Angel (the character and the series) is as much Greenwalt's as he is Joss'. If I had to choose between the two, I'd see Jake 2.0 canceled and David return to Angel. He started the Shanshu series-arc, he should be the one to finish it.
Greenwalt doesn't write for Angel anymore, but isn't he still a consulting producer? Even if he's not officially working for the show though, everything I've read leaves me to believe he still plays a part in the show's creation process.
Another choke-job by the Cubs...
Well I doubt this will affect Angel. Even Smallville was proportionally down at least as much. Also this was a bit of a 'filler' ep anyway and it was clear from the ads. Next week should be a better one.

Oh and on Jake 2.0, I've never watched a full episode, but the main character just comes across as way too 'dude-ish' for me.

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