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October 13 2009

'Drives Us Bats' music video featuring Neil Patrick Harris. Taken from the October 23rd episode of 'Batman: The Brave and The Bold'.

I actually saw another clip of that Batman episode here a few days ago. Very reminiscent of our most beloved OMWF!

I never get enough of NPH singing

I chuckled when they suddenly cut to the random Gorilla supervillain singing. It was what pushed the song over into utter hilarity for me.
Darn, I was going to post the video when I saw it last week, but I wasn't able to. (Curse ye, homework!)

Awesome, though. :D
The man is just so awesome..Can't he be singing all the time? And on tv/on the web?? Pretty please???
Can't he be singing all the time?

Hear, hear!
Is there an all musical 100th episode Of How I Met Your Mother in the works or is that just a joke?

I kept hoping NPH was going to sing last night in HIMYM but Jason Segel did all the singing. NPH did a good poem though.

He has sung twice on that show that I can remember though, the slapsgiving song duo and the possimpible video. Am I missing any?

BTW, for those that missed it. Here is the unaired version of marshals music video.

Both AH and NPH are in it, although they do not sing.

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It's not an all-musical episode of HIMYM, but they are incorporating songs into it or something. They all can sing pretty well, actually... some people's lines are mostly filler.

I loved this also, Can't believe I missed its premiere over here (UK). Kids channels are so screwed up. I'm going to record every episode every day until it turns up again. :D
Huh 22000th entry posted at Whedonesque, didn't even notice.
The batman episode has not aired yet Jayme. It was just shown at comic con apparently.

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