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October 13 2009

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is out now. With music composed by our good ol' Firefly composer Greg Edmonson.

Europe will have to wait a few more days.

He should be getting more work.
Game of the year by all accounts. Kudos to everyone involved.
I got my hands on an advance copy. The game is amazing. I the music swept me off my feet. This explains why. Thanks!
Need to pick this up ASAP. Love me some Uncharted!

Greg's score is so very beautiful.
It's only october, Simon. Extremely preliminary to already start calling any game GOTY, especially with new Super Mario, Assassin's Creed, Modern Warfare, Zelda etc. games still on the way.
It's definitely got the best shot so far. So far there hasn't been a review that's gone below 90. A metacritic score of 97 is no small thing.

Anyway, I'll have to wait til friday until it releases here. Damn you, Europe!
I'm definitely getting it, but whether I'll complete it is another matter. Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of them rare games for me that glued me to the screen. I loved the voice acting, the cinematic approach of it and Bats in general. Whatever happens, Batman is the game of the decade for me.

That being said, this game looks to have a good story, so I hope.
Jayme, if good voice acting and a cinematic approach is your kind of thing, Uncharted is the series for you. Have you played the first one?
Were those the dulcet tones of Claudia Black's voice? Playing the brunette in the previews?
I played the demo but never actually got around to it buying it. It's cheap now, so I can easily pick it up... Is it necessary to understand this one?
Claudia Black is indeed voicing that character Hera.
Claudia Black is in Uncharted 2? :D I'll take my Aeryn fix anyway I can.

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My copy will hopefully be arriving tomorrow! Cannot wait!!
Jayme: You can play this one without knowledge of the first one. There might be some references, but Naughty Dog said you can jump right into this one without trouble.
Got the game on monday, it's absolutely amazing.
There's been no announcement of a CD release, so I guess you have to play the game to hear it. I don't play video games, so ... damn.

Greg is one of a number of composers who mentored with legendary TV composer Mike Post, and then got fame afterward. Seems just about every compsoer who gets with Post, ends up accomplishing something.

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