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October 13 2009

The median age of Dollhouse is revealed. It's 43.

Interesting phrasing on that... we seem to be generating some buzz, if that's the kind of reaction we're getting.
The first comment on that page terrifies me. A 32 year old who watches the Vampire Diaries and Family Guy? That's a joke, right?

Anyway, I guess it's good to be on the younger side of things since advertisers prize the youth, but now we have to get the quantity of people watching to go up.
Is it wrong I want it to be 42?
It had crossed my mind too.
Honestly was the one of the first thoughts through my head, Simon and worldofhighlet...we need younger viewers to lower the average to the secret of the universe! Geek honour demands it!

Interesting. More from the perspective that advertisers prefer to see younger viewers, so the age for the new Leno show hurts them, not that NBC is doing so well with it anyway. 43 is older than I would have thought for DH, as well.
Hey, I'm 50. So, I'm slightly too old for this show...but I'll watch anyway. Also, isn't 43 a bit older than Fox's target audience?
and 32 for "Vampire Diaries"? I thought 29 was the maximum age for CW viewers.

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That's extremely high. I'm 23.
Doesn't tell us anything about the distribution and I wish the article hadn't bounced back and forth between talking about the median and the average (which aren't necessarily different but in common usage usually are) but it's attention (or symptomatic of attention) so it's all good.
This is very odd. But it might explain why I've yet to meet anyone my age who's heard of Dollhouse absent my intervention.
Why is 32 such a surprise for Vampire Diaries? Aren't some of the main characters over 100 years old? I'd think the older characters would appeal to the older set.
Interesting. Only 20, here.

And yeah, 42 crossed my mind too. So close! ;)
Maybe they're working with live viewers only. That would explain why the numbers are higher than expected.
Yeah but if they counted dead viewers i'd expect the median age to be even higher. 'Dollhouse' is huge among the respirationally challenged.
Wow, really? I feel like an infant if that's the case.
I'm sucky at math, but why would they choose to find the median over the mean?
I surprised Glee is 37. I think every girl at my daughter's high school watches that show.
I apologise for dragging the age up a mile.
The average age of TV viewers in general is high, so all shows are going to be pulled up. Even CW averages at least in the 30s. The older viewers outnumber and cancel out the younger ones. Nothing surprising, but good that Dollhouse is within the desired 18-49 range.
why would they choose to find the median over the mean?

The mean median is less affected by really low and really high numbers.

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I'm 28 and I watch Vampire Diaries. And Dollhouse. Man, I'm totally fraking Nielsen up.
The mean is less affected by really low and really high numbers.

I'm assuming this is a typo but it's actually the median which is less affected by extremes (really low and really high numbers).
Yep. I fixed it.
I watch the Simpsons AND Law & Order. Will the universe collapse?
Yes... I wanted 42 too.
Well I'm 34 and a girl and I watch Family Guy, lots of CW shows, cartoons and Antiques Roadshow. I laugh in the face of your restricted viewer demographics.

Then I remember I'm not in the US, so am not counted anyway.
I watch the Simpsons AND Law & Order. Will the universe collapse?

It might. Would you mind giving one of them up, just in case? I like the universe.
My... I had no idea my fellow DH viewers are so old!

[Hides behind a conveniently placed ming vase]
I'm 17... yay? My little brother is 11, and he's watching as well. Sadly, the fact that I rope my father into watching every Friday probably cancels our youth out. ;)
I'm 45 & my hubby is 47 but we watch with our kids and they are 20 & 23 so we kind of cancel each other out!
43 sounded old to me, too. But if you look at the article, it's well in the lower half, maybe even the lower quarter of ages. Only Community, Glee, Vampire Diaries, Melrose Place, and the Cleveland Show were younger. (The list is only NEW shows, of course. Apparently, The Simpsons average age is 30, for instance.)
I'm 19 and male so... Target demo right here. Sell me stuff, FOX/Global!
I'm 23, and from what I've heard around my campus, a lot of people my age don't seem to watch that much TV. It certainly could just be the area I live in, but most people seem to be busy doing other things. If they do watch, it's usually online.
I'm 37 and I watch the CW. Well, I only watch Supernatural on the CW.
As Hitchhiker's was originally broadcast in '78 and published in '79, I find it funny that so many fans of "42" are surprised that the median age is so old!

Looks to me like good fiction can span a wide age range :D
Raising my soon to be 25-year-old hand to say "hey" and scratch my head.
I'm 15. And one of the few people in my area to know of the show's existence... This makes me sad.
The older I get, the younger anything under 50 seems.
I'm 54 and that figure just keeps rising from what I can tell, although I am math-challenged.

Well, that's my median age. My average age is 42 and my mean age is just... mean, so that could be younger or older depending on what I'm getting mean about - right? I think I'm getting this.

BTW, at 54, I have more disposable income than most of the 19 y.o. I know. Put that in your coveted demographic and smoke it.

Sorry, that's my mean age poking its head out again.

I like what Marge's sister Patty or was it Selma said:

"The older you get, the cuter you ain't."

I hope this has been helpful.
My mean age varies throughout the day and is partly a function of blood caffeine levels.
I apologize for bringing up the median. Should I stop watching?

I also watch Smallville. Goodness knows what I'm doing to that one. :)
A good story transcends arbitrary barriers such as age. I'll watch nearly anything with good writing.

And I apologize for my 52 years skewing the data.
I'm 29, and I'm (obviously) watching Dollhouse. I also watch The Good Wife, FlashForward, Modern Family, Cougar Town, and Glee. In other words, I'm all over the map on the age ranges given in that list. Like bojojoti said, I'll watch nearly anything that's good.
If they knew I was watching then I would ruin the curve (since I'm 59). But they don't want to know whether or not I'm watching, I don't count.
Oh, jeezo petes, Gossi is younger than my kids, the older ones of which are 29. Lord help me. (I'm 56 and older than dirt; I saw Blue Cheer live back in the day...).
I'm 34 and I thought you all were too! I wonder if the demo differs in the UK!?
I never kiss 'em on the mouth, and I never reveal my age for fear of hurting a show I like by not being in the tasty target demo. Think of me in that good old Gilbert and Sullivan phrase: "She may very well pass for forty-three in the dusk with the light behind her."
Quotergal: I hope this has been helpful.

Very! I'm still giggling. Also at bubblecat: I'm 34 and I thought you all were too!

You guys is funny. I'm 33, getting less mean but more median all the time. We might come out with 43 if we just used the ages revealed in this thread.
Intended to jump on this before it got cold.

To play devil's advocate, Dollhouse demographic data is based on a pretty slim and tenuous sample (around 500 households-- if you want, I'll break it down), so it likely skews younger than reported.
Not sure I follow- why would it skew younger with a sample of 500? Are you saying the sample is not representative? IF so, why?
Primarily because Nielsen participants are self-selected based on residence and viewing habits; they look for those who are in fairly stable home environments, where the monitoring devices can be installed for five years. In non-People-Meter homes, participants (particularly teens/young adults) aren't assiduous about writing down their every viewing moment-- there's no great benefit to them to do so. (Nielsen families are given a paltry sum of perhaps $1-$2 dollars per device monitored.)

Additionally, Nielsen doesn't do a very good job tracking college students/dorms or group viewing areas-- the entire population of Nielsen viewers in college settings was around 130, when they finally started monitoring them two years ago.

So in all, the likelihood is that the median age will skew higher when you can't capture younger viewing habits.
That can't be correct. No sane person over the age of 20 could be watching the vampire diaries. The show is not only aimed at high school students, but the characters are impossible for an normal adult to empathize. Unlike works that appeal to different ages, like Twilight or Buffy, VD only makes sense to kids. Even the supposedly 100+ yr old characters act like ordinary children. Elena plays hard to get in a way no older woman could without losing all self respect. Can you imagine Buffy or Bella running out of a room because she saw a photo without getting a logical explanation? Unlikely. And Damon acts just like an average angsty senior. Not like a vampire. If you are 32 and watching that show, seek help.

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