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October 13 2009

Paste magazine calls Dollhouse S2x03 "phenomenal". The article is called "On chaucer; gender, sex, and power; and a postmodern concept of self".

Awesome, thoughtsome essay, Tim Regan-Porter!

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Ah paste, it's so filling.

I think it was a bead of sweat in fact (not a tear, which may or may not mean anything) but yep, good essay that. He's spot on in a lot of ways IMO, from the better intertwining of the A and B stories to the examination of the dangers and compromises of individualism, ever the elephant in the West's story room (though to me 'Dollhouse' has previously commented on individuality by, among other things, lamenting our separateness so that point's already come up prior to "Belle Chose" to some extent).

I also slightly disagree on the emphasis of Echo at the end, as she becomes aware of Terry. She wasn't begging them to kill her IMO, that implies desperation and loss of control. To me she was, calmly but emphatically, proposing a rational transaction - one life for many. She knew what she was doing in other words, every step of the way (situations like that'll become more interesting if/when she starts to believe she's a "real girl" since i'd expect her to become more conflicted).

But yep, most insighty.
One of those intel-eg-tual thingys again I guess ;)
That is indeed a good read. Looking forward to upcoming reviews from that site.
Excellent essay. Too bad the only comment was another inexplicable
criticism of Eliza's acting. But since the comment also said "with only three more episodes before cancellation ....", can't give it too much credence on any score.
That was a thoughtful, interesting review.

Shey, I tried to leave a comment and got an error message, so there may be a glitch in the system. But yeah, I can't give much credence to the one that made it through. It seems Eliza's supposed lack of acting skill has become an internet meme. One that needs to die, in my opinion.

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