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October 16 2003

(SPOILER) Angel 5x8 Summary In depth summary of episode 5x8: Destiny. (contains a few uses of the "f" word that may not be suitable for little eyes) - register at to view summary.

[ edited by Simon on 2003-10-16 18:52 ]

I, unlike the reviewer, like the sound of this episode a lot, it sounds very good to me. But to be honest some of the comments the reviewer made made it seem like he wasnt an Angel or Joss fan.

Sorry for changing your link, Ghost Spike but Bubonic asked for this summary not to be reposted anywhere else. If people want to view the summary, they can register at Sparklies.Org and then go to the AtS Spoilers & Speculation forum to view the summary. Bubonic is a Spike fan btw.
You get used to Bubonic quips... after reading a few summaries.
Nothing that you should be that much concerned.
You should read some of the Buffy 7th season summaries, those had a few classic quips...
A few spoiler-ish comments....

I'm really curious where this will lead the season into.
Cause Episode 10 will probably filler, or at least not Angel cerntered, cause David Borenaz is gonna direct that episode. We already know that 9 will also be kind filler, being very Harmony centered. That will get us to episode 11, which will be episode 99 of Angel. I guess episode 11 will be a prelude to episode 100. Guess will see Buffy back by episode 12 and 13, which will be shown exactly during the February Sweeps. And maybe we'll find some answers to this Buffy, Spike, and Angel triangle.

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