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October 14 2009

Buffy and Angel make the list of top 10 TV couples. Along with Mr and Mrs Prescott and Richard and Judy, of course!

Haha, very British this is. Some people are on the money in the comments as well - Ren & Stimpy for the win. Odd they mentioned Jim & Pam's marriage, though, considering season 4 hasn't even aired over here yet.
I don't remember the squelching noises, and it's only been a few months since our last rewatch. Darn it, now this will be stuck in my head and I'll be listening for them. :)
Poor Ianto... *sniff*
They forgot Grissom and Sara. That took 8 years to develop.
"Stop it! I can hear the smacking!" :P
Ugh. I find the Prescotts vile. They live off millions of taxpayers' money despite having done not very much at all (other than, in Mr Prescott's case, having sex with his secretary in his ministerial office).
Ronnie and Iron Maggie? It is to laugh!
For my money, Luke and Laura from General Hospital
And Lucy and Ricky are where? They usually get the top spot because it's almost always reserved for them on these lists (the ones that dip historical anyway).

Nice to see Buffy and Angel, but I haven't seen a single clip of half of this list. A best couple list should, at minimum, be a list where you can't even escape knowing who they are.
I just love that Peep Show got mentioned.
The best.
This list isn't really accurately describabale as "all-time," and it is British-centered. I'd be more itnerested ina TV Guide article of the Top 100 Romances, except they'd probably leave off my own favorite couple, who "shared show" with B&A albeit no season per se.

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